Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tell me a story

I have been writing a lot lately but not for you. At least not for you yet.

In my selfishness I want you to write ME a story.

Yesterday after lunch I was wandering around behind the dorm building setting waders out to dry when I heard a snatch of Jazz music come over the bluff in a wind gust. I figured one of the sailboats had a radio up way too high but then I heard it again. When I climbed up to the balcony porch I could see a guy standing at the waters edge in shorts and a white tee shirt playing Jazz music from a saxophone. He never finished a song, though the little blurts and burst of music were good music. There were other people on the beach further down but no one was paying attention to him. I also don't know how he got there, from some other private access or from the public way about a half mile down the beach but not from our stairs.

I want to know why he was there and all of the other details about him. I have my own version that I am quite fond of and I will share it when I get around to polishing it and making a few lies longer.

(The picture is of where he was standing but at HIGH high tide. He was there at low tide, imagine lots of big rocks and tide pools...less water :P )