Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coffee shops close too early

And so one sits at a coffee shop, because a coffee shop seems like a nice place to sit when one has to wait. And it is Peet’s which means it is better than other coffee shops automatically. And it is in Lexington which means that it must be better than a normal Peet’s because zoning prohibits par chain stores from taking up space. And one sips a chai tea that begs to be swum in and slept in and hugged. And since you cannot do these things it does them to you instead.

I have been told that purgatory is a place of waiting. I wonder if purgatory is like a coffee shop. People sitting and waiting and sipping and chatting. And the book club going on mindlessly about some blather that wasn’t worth one reading let alone the nine it received. And the half Goth flirting with the baristas while the obnoxiously toned woman orders skim foam. The classical music piped in overhead being overcome by a ringing phone, a grinder, steaming milk and an oven timer. The people walking by in the half drizzle glaring angrily at you because you are warmer and drier and sipping more chai and they have a place to be and you are just waiting. All of these would drive one mad if one was wont to be driven. But the music is peaceful and the book club monotone and ignorable, the half-Goth awkward and interesting and the passersby colorful. And this is a warm waiting steeped in chai tea. Waiting is far from paradise but there are worse waitings and worse than waitings.

My Christmas cravings are on the shelves here. Myriad warm beverages and the tools to make them. Thermoses with tea infuser baskets. French press travel mugs. Tea pots. Infusers. Mugs. Coffees. Teas. Cocoas. In the moment, holding this chai tea, I cannot imagine anything else I could want for Christmas (except the ever present puppy in my mind). What else could one want for Christmas? Maybe wool hats, wool socks or another alpaca.

AH HA! The half-Goth WORKS here. That explains why he looks so familiar. That and he looks and awful lot like Wayne when you ignore the Goth half. And Makayla the barista not flirted with is now on break working on her novel…or maybe her geography homework. Maybe I should be too.