Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seen/heard today

If at first you don't succeed, reload.

No shirt, no shoes, no worries.

Bananas are really expensive. We should buy a bunch and stock up in case the price goes up again. How's that sound? -Vern to me the banana hater

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Traveling Ponderings

I asked a cop to run my car info today. It was very strange. He loved that the paperwork featured Idaho, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York info.

While we are at it I will visit all of my states today. Started in NY, drove to PA, layover in CO and end up in ID

I passed so many cops today going well above the speed limit. Lu-This is one reason why I drive a soccer mom car.

The drive felt like it took maybe 2 hours.

Selfishness/pride/self righteousness grows exponentially as you approach the TSA baggage check.

Pittsburgh must have the absolute worst possible TSA check in. Think hundreds of people below a balcony in a clump help in place by a net of lane barriers.

Dress like you respect yourself, be polite, smile and be kind. You will be in the minority and it will go a LONG way in the eyes and actions of others. If nothing else your attitude will be better. But you may also find your interactions with others moving more smoothly and bonus goodies along the way. I made 3 humans laugh and many more smile and I got an extra meal and an extra shot of espresso today and the day isn't even half over for me.

I love watching my bags go up the luggage ramp.

I am so excited to travel I tried to get on the wrong plane.

I love coffee.

Bring your own plane food. I just watched the pilot wash his own Windows.

Most people are idiots. Some people are brilliant. I rarely see a middle ground.

You have to turn off e books during take off. Always bring real paper.