Monday, September 26, 2005

Better never late than late never

So this was written in the airport but I didnt get to post it till now so here you go...

So I know I have already done this once today, but there wasn’t enough data in yet to make judgement calls on the day. I had a hunch but well hunches aren’t always good. Sometimes people have them removed.

This morning I did not wake up to an alarm clock. Instead I got 104 yackin at me through the talkie on my phone. So from the get-go I knew I was late for work. He has no other reason to call. First thoughts: Damn why didn’t my alarm go off I KNOW I turned it on. 2. At least I set my stuff all out last night because I was fidgety. 3. Do I have time for coffee? YES. Always time for coffee. So I drove myself at break neck speed to campus and made it in 12 minutes. The problem about living off campus is that when I am late I cannot be less that a half hour late. It’s icky. But Babcock got some extra cash and my shift went a little faster. And I didn’t wake up to the alarm making its God-awful indescribable noise which is always a plus. And like a good little student I got all my Friday work done the day before so I could slack off during my shift and chat. Mmmmm good happy unstressedness. (Which happens to be a word with lots of the same letters)

I meandered myself over to the bio library and chilled for a bit and talked to the good Doctor B. and figured proposed the idea of recommended reading lists for al concentrations…or at least for me. It was well received on busy ears, which is to say it was and still is a really good idea but the chances of it happening ain’t that good. And we figured out that there is a potentially stellar class for me next semester hidden within the upper level history classes if you can believe it. So I wandered barefoot (as I lost my shoes someplace in the building that I call home where I am not allowed to walk barefoot if I listen to the people in charge) over to some of my favorite people on campus who live in the bowels of Jenks at the registrar to ask about if the powers that be were being those powers and found out that I need to get my tushy moving if I wanna graduate. Good thing those ladies take care of me. They know me by name. I don’t know if that is a good thing but I love them anyway. A few even go to my church.

Then I proceeded in some sort of shoed fashion to the monstrosity known as AJ GORDON MEMORIAL CHAPEL (I put it in caps to try to replicate the hugeness of the columns but 12 print doesn’t quite do it) and I had the good fortune to bump into 5L on the way. Much to my Joy and the fulfillment of my Happy Warm Fuzzy Bunny feelings I got to listen to freshman class president wannabes sing their own praises and make fools of themselves on stage for my spiritual and moral edification. (We don’t know what we are doing yet but it’s gonna be good. We already have a theme and everything. I have been class president for 4 years. I like the word leader. It has a nice ring to it.- They needed to just say vote for me because I am attractive and popular and look I always have been ::flips hair to the side and giggles::) And chapel got out before 11 which is more than 15 minutes of precious time that I can waste be my own means instead of the means of the powers that be. It needed to end anyways. Those cheerleaders didn’t have many more unused vocabulary words left. Oh you silly freshman, so full of hope and dreams about making Gordon better. Don’t you know there is no money and as soon as it snows all hope dies with the posies planted around the clock. But you will. You will.

So I hung out with Lz and ran errands with her and was happy to just do stupid stuff because I could. And I miss her. But 15 minutes really didn’t last long so that ends that paragraph.

Animal phys was pretty stellar I think by some fluke. We all did article summaries which means you read something really dense and boring (not always) and translate it into layman’s English and share it with the class. This doesn’t sound all that great except its kinda like reading discover magazine. You get tons of little random fascinating tidbits that might not connect to something else at all but they are just cool to know. Like Eastern painted turtles hibernate differently than other turtles and people are doing circulation studies on my little cane toad friends. And the fact that I could translate the scientific name for the class just further indicated to them that I smoke them. And when someone said ‘why would you use cane toads?’ and I kinda chuckled that just cemented it. Come on guys they are huge and they eat anything. What’s not to lick? I mean like. Like is the appropriate word there. Dr. Story talked to me about doing cane toad studies but I think he was being facetious. But hey if he wants me to get interested in bio-chem I am pretty sure that is his only available mode.

And the E of EJ&J invited us J’s over for lunch which I have to say was hands down the most amazing part of my day. He said something this afternoon about the soothing therapeutic effects of his apartment. He’s not wrong. If was the kind of happy where if you don’t bounce or dance or laugh or write you explode, the kind of happy that require physical movement to be fully experienced, that rare kind of happy that stems from ultimate deep seated contentment. My soul was over full. So what happened to make it so amazing you wonder? Well first I got my shift covered by 2 wonderful boys who work before and after me. That way no one is bustin their balls over my little vacation for an 8 hour overnight shift or has to unwillingly sleep through and 8am on my account. Life is good and I have to figure out a way to repay them both. Then Jn came over even though she was sick and we chatted and I started bouncing. Then SB, one of E’s apartment mates handed me a cup of amazing, I have no clue what was in it tea, and we were just talking, and MA (E’s roommate) was baking bread and I was mesmerized by the process. And E hands me this plate of amazingness which was based on rice and probly eggs and had raisins and cinnamon among other things. It was like a party in my mouth only breakfast style for lunch. You could NOT eat it without bouncing and as Jn pointed out later I couldn’t eat it without making odd little happy noises either. Then JD popped in and all of the sudden their were harmonicas and a guitar and drums and they were just playing. I was working on esplode mode and I couldn’t figure out what to do with myself until I jumped up and found a notebook. Mmm notebook. Mmm pen. And I just sorta wrote what they were playing. The story that the harmonica was telling me. The way the river wanted the words to flow on the paper. I popped out 3 poems in well in not that long except for 2 of them I didn’t exactly get finished before the song changed so I am not quite sure how I feel about them. I don’t know. I will get back to you on that one. But then some of them disappeared and the bread was done and since I was in the ‘wrong place’ at the ‘wrong time’ as I was told I had to try the bread. SO good. Words cannot describe. But then my alarm was going off to tell me to go to physics so I left the apartment of goodness and headed to my class.

I did really well on my exam as far as I am concerned. I was pretty far from failing and on the top end of the class and I didn’t bother to study because I am easily distracted. Oh well. And it was painful to watch the clock move and TB was making fun of me every time I turned around (which was like every 30 seconds) But then I was off and the world was a wonderful place.

I got lost trying to find economy parking and had the privilege of paying an extra $3 to turn around via the summner tunnel because Boston is retarded and I ended up parking in the expensive spot but that couldn’t be helped. And now I am sitting in the airport just waiting for my plane to board. It has been a stellar day so far and I know its going to keep on in this way. Mmmmm…

So you get two from the apartment of goodness…

The warm up:

Wordless song

And so this is how the days go by
A flow of in and out
With beats and bare feet
And a long sad tone
But I am not alone
You step in beside me
And we walk through the rain
I love you still
Again and again

And the cool down:

A Bus Stop in Burton

Baby what’s that little trinket
Hangin round your neck?
Is it from your daddy
Or some boy from ‘cross the tracks?

If I sit down here beside you
Will you help me pass the time?
I’m just waitin for my bus to come,
Heading on towards the sublime
They say the coast is pretty
If you can stand the cold
And hell I’ve got some years to waste
Before I get too old

Baby why you sittin here
Waitin lonesome in the sun?
Why don’t you tag along with me
Cause my future has just begun

I like the solemn in your beauty
Reminds me of an early autumn rain
So I’ll help you keep on if you’re runnin
And try to help you fight the pain
Or if you want to turn around
Cause you miss the comforts you call home
I can help you find your way
Before I go off to find my own

Baby what’s that jinglin in your pocket?
The last change that you have left?
Please just slip your cold hands into mine
I’m not a good man but I’ll do my best


Friday, September 23, 2005

Two things...or more

So things that go round and round in my head lately.

Thing one involves me going home this weekend. I am wicked stoked. I get to go to my friends "I got a liver so I'm not dying" party which is like this whole crazy miraculous story and I havent seen him in ages anyways so yeah I'm excited. And then I get to see NNG who is one of my favorite people in the world and she is coming with me to the Stillers game because my dad got me tickets because he is the coolest person I know. So watch the game this sunday and you might get to see me make a fool out of myself on TV. And I want to see the new kitties and I want to see my parents so basically I am excited over and above the call of duty.

Thing 2 involves Cane Toads. I was going to post on them yesterday but I was a good little college student and got my work done and packed and vaccuumed the house like I was supposed to. (I even cleaned up the living room and did some dishes as a bonus.) What can I tell you about cane toads. So very much. I intend to do some more research when I get the chance too. Its kinda like when I decided I needed to know more about wombats except that cane toads are interesting enough to pursue further. They are halucinogenic. And invasive. And native to Peru. plus so many other things. You can stuff them or smoke them or lick them or run over hem and there is a movie about them aswell. We are watching it as a bio club event later this year. I would add all kinds of crazy pictures and links except I am on the dispatch computer and none of my happy little buttons show up so do it on your own time. Google 'Lick Cane Toad' and later 'Bufotenine' you can't go wrong really.

Hay mas? Pienso que no. Just random tidbits like my proffessors keep changing assignments the night before or the day that they are due so I have been behind all week which is only partially my fault. And the part that falls on me stems from the fact that 5L and I like each other and are highly distractable people who live in the same house. We make it hard for each other to get homework done. Lz has figured out how to trancend this apparrently because she disapears to her room and gets her work done. I dont know how she slips through the web of distraction but I kinda wish she wouldnt do it all the time cause she doesnt play with us much. She is just one of those 'good' students that I used to be so I understand. She also has that pesky boyfriend issue which takes up time. Don't get me wrong I like him a whole bunch and I am happy for them. It just means like me time and I'm a selfish little brat sometimes. Silly boys. They are great to have around but there is so much upkeep. Like puppies or something. So cute but so much work. I am going to get myself a cane toad prince and then I wont have to worry about finding a boyfriend anymore. It will not bother me. (Provided I get over the 'yiffing' as 5L would say) So what I am saying without saying it is I think we need to (Need being the key word translating into Jn is craving) have a party because otherwise my friends dont plan out play time which means I dont get to play with them. But if i tell them on x night we will be at my house then they will know and they will come. Shuff is having a 21st birthday soon. That is cause to celebrate if we need find cause which is debateable. We could just have a cane toad party as far as I am concerned sept cane toads are controled substances/animal entities which complicates matters.

I don't know. I like my house and my housemates.(and they can cook pretty well which just has bonus written all over it) I like the LL and her critters. And the frogs out back. I like my classes and my proffs (most of the time) and I'm not failing physics yet. I work DPS pretty much every day so its a nice comfy little home now that makes me :) and if work makes you do that its an ok thing. And I get to go home this weekend. I cannot (rightly) complain about anything... except not seeing my friends and I am working on that. I love it when life rolls around into goodness like this. Its all warm and fuzzy like a hot drink- but not the warm and fuzzy like a halmark movie. Different genre of fuzz.

Here is hoping something interesting happens to me during my travels home (but not the sort of something that involves no tickets or delayed flights or any of that ickiness.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

See bonus footage at the bottom

I have no clue what I want to say other than I want to say something. I guess this will come out as something of a mess if only because everything seems to be that way right now. I could rant for an hour about Christians but I did that recently. I could talk a while about the pirate party except I couldnt because I'm not publicising those stories. If you want to know them you have to ask specifically. I could talk about how great it is that I am going home but I figure that is a given already. I could mention that I am physically crashing but that would not come as a shock to most and I don't want to be complaining. My body never works right. End of story. I could add pictures of the beautiful fall foliage except there isnt any. It has been way dry so the colors range mostly from dying leaf brown to dying leaf brownand it has been rainy so they arent even on the trees. And I havent had time to sit down and write anything for a while. Thats not entirely true. Its more like I have this slurry of emotions begging to be put into words but they are unruly and will only join in couplets or quads and the occasional tres for intrigues sake but they dont build on each other. They are kinda on hold in the magic book of colors waiting for inspiration that cannot be bound by time or time that is not infected with a groggy sleepy eye shutting disease. So I have for you nothing . . . except for what I wrote in chapel. . .because I actually found chapel on monday. . . and paid attention to the important parts. . .

The word Paraclete means Holy Spirt. We figure it was created just because it rhymed. Who knows?

Use your freedom in such a way that you do not impinge on the freedom of others.

And then there was this:

Color Me the Story Book (9/20-9/20/05 chapel)

Red and green with black and faces
Different names in different places
Glass shrines for the divine
Sun shining through between the lines
Tell me what they mean
These stories I have seen
Looking down at me

In this mottled light we all look the same
Kneeling and praying in glow of Holy flames
And our private stories all seem to blur
With those around in patchwork color
So tell me what they mean
These stories I have been
When I am colored not as me

Behold the parakeet with spiky shoes- Jn

Friday, September 16, 2005

My dads better than your dad

Let me tell you how excited I am (briefly). I was exhausted already so this much excitment just is over the top and I might crash on the way down to CT tonight. Geeze. I worked this morning which was exciting in and of itself but my Daddy who happens to be the COOLEST dad in the entire world and no one has a dad cooler except for the siblings of mine calls me at work. HE GOT ME TICKETS TO THE STEELERS PATS GAME. Like the game that i had been dying to see since i looked up the schedule at the end of the season last year. the game that i fantasized and dreamed about yeah that game. Oh my gosh. I was freaking seachless and jumping up and down. 104 had to take a call or 2 for me because i was incompetend with giddiness. This means that I have an excuse and perfectly valid reason to go home for a weekend. I get to see my parents who I miss oddly enough. I get to meet the muse of epic poetry who now resides at my house. I get to go to jeffy's party thing and last but not least there is that GAME feature added in. Then I went up and talked with Cami and got unconditionally loved all over by her 2 children which made me feel all warm and fuzzy even though children intimidate me while she made me breakfast and we talked about life and so maany good things. Then I got lost in Nyland in the other Jn's room and was talking to her for ages aout how good life was and I was late for chapel so i just didnt go and jn said it was ok. It is her b-day tomorrow and I gave her her cookies and there was much rejoicing. And I got to finish grading which I needed to do. And we wasted most of phys talking about Story's trip to France and looking at dead fish pictures but thats ok because I am braindead and stupid tired. In moments I will wander to my last class before the weekend and TB will will document how many times I look at the clock per minute. Then I will be on my way to CT for the seeing of EW and ARox and the pirate party. And maybe some sleep. That would also be nice. Basically I just wanted to share with you all that my dad is the best and yall should be jealous because he is my dad and not yours- for so many reasons other than tickets.

Not a Pirate Wench out

Monday, September 12, 2005

Something like Verbose

In my house we have a room we call the fun room. It is the room where the internet god comes forth from the wall and all of the movies reside. It also houses the happy couch, the quote wall, and the words.

So this is mostly us talking about each other when we arent exactly paying attention:

And then this is what we come up with when we arent being malicious and sneaky sneaky sir:

What is left for you to do is figure out based on what you know (or don't) about us, who wrote each of the happy little snippets above. I would say you could base your judgements on what we wrote about each other but that probly wont actually help.

Mucus out- Jn

Apparently I stand on a box made of soap

This would be me at work. It is 0043 and so far nothing has happened. We would very much like to keep it that way.

I have been thinking a lot lately (though I don't know that that is actually a fair statement... I mean I guess you are pretty much thinking all the time just sometimes the thoughts are more profound and gut shaking than normal stare-at-the-talking-box-and-drool thoughts.) So it is the kind of thinking that keeps you awake and won't let you focus on a physics problem for longer than 30 seconds. As this is the case I had no problem picking up this extra random shift because hey I wouldnt be sleeping anyways right? Except I actually lined up a bunch of the tin cans and picked um off one by one today at close range to clear out some of the mental clutter. (You can't really recycle brain waves though I did look into it) So I actually fell asleep. I only know this because the alarm woke me up and now I am awake anyways just like I said I would be. At least I am getting paid to keep 'normal' college student hours right?

I have been thinking a lot but not writing a lot. I think the muse is kinda overloaded. Too much good writing material from life as I now know it (but always shifted 3 steps over, up, or backwards to not actually be incriminating) to digest into proper words and lines. When the gunpowder scent fades I think there will be some art found in the holey tin-cans though.

Today was a church day. 5L came with us and I think she will continue to. Saturday was her 5 birthday for becoming a Christian and we had a really good talk that night just about life and the goodness there-in mostly. (Yah know like the 'community' in closed spaces like bus terminals. And rule breakers like sketchy hyper-religious the world is going to hell sandwich board men) This concept deserves more post but not tonight.) The summer is over as far as church is concerned because the choir is back. It makes me happy, very happy. I was doin a little dance for the sake of the choir on the way to church when I remembered. There is this kid in choir with green hair. I feel like he much be a cool individual. For starters he is a highschool kid in the church choir, the only one according to 4, and then the afforementioned green hair. I didn't go meet him today because I was distracted by the eatable goldfish, but maybe next Sunday.

Church was so good (last Sunday too). It wasn't anything like finger pointing right at me like 'you screwed up' or 'do this now' but then that was kinda the point. It was the kind of thing where it was like yeah thats what being a Christian is about. So much goodness held there in. Last sunday was mostly from Ezekiel and talking about God's grace and mercy and forgiveness. (Something you don't think yah see often in the OT right? A merciful God?) Today was more of the same except it was Christians forgiving instead of God. The parable of the unmerciful servant, forgive 70x7 you know all that good stuff. (There are 2 tangents coming off of this just so you are forewarned to look for them both entertwined in each other.) It was just like yeah yah know thats why some people have such a problem with Christians is they don't see the forgiveness or hear about the grace, they just get fire comin down from above or up from below and see a lot of hypocrits and backbiting and infighting, sometimes with racism or sexism thrown in to boot. TC has this shirt, 'They will know we are Christians by our T-Shirts' and its really funny but sad at the same time. Its supposed to be 'by our love' both for each other and for other people. Instead it is witty or burn in hell bumper-sticker and walking billboard dialog that doesnt really go anyplace. The sub-culture doesn't need it and the greater-culture doesn't care for it. (So the 2 extremes come from 5L tonight cause shes actually the only person I have had a good long chat with recently, 5L was talking about the sketchy burn in hell sandwich board dude on the T and then later about how she went to a T-stop one really cold morning with a friend and handed out coffee and when people asked why they just said 'cause we think its time for Christians to do something practical to show the love of God'.) I mean I feel like this should be a no brainer -> you tell people about love and show them in a down to earth way and they will appriciate it 100 times more than telling them they are awful human beings. Even if it doesnt go anywhere you leave them with the flavor of, 'gee, aren't Christians nice people?' tingling on their palate instead of the bitter, 'Gawd arent those Christians obnoxious and judgemental' simmering on their minds. And the reality of it is that most people arent awful so it doesnt really work to grab their attention anyways. One of the hymns today said something to the affect of the church should be a place where sinners can find refuge and the weary can find rest. But I think the popular image in our culture is that the church is a place where sinners aren't wanted and you can only stay if you have your shit together. Dude everyone in every church everywhere is a sinner and I know very few people who actually have their shit together all the time. If they aren't letting you in because of that they I don't think its a good church for you anyways. Come play with me cause my church will love you (and feed you) and hey we have a good choir. If I ever end up embarassed because I am a Christian it will not be because of Christ or the message I carry but the other Christians running around and the way they carry their message.

Hmm...I didnt mean to go all soap box. I meant to be like my church is so wonderful and it makes me happy and I had such a great day because it started out church. And God is a God of grace and mercy so deep and full and forgiveness so big that I just cannot seem to wrap my head around it. That is what I meant to say. And that the funny meat/pepper roll up things were not a good taste adventure- I meant to say that too.

It is now 0324 and several things have happened in the interlude including me playing the monopoly trade game with some of my shifts. Maybe trading one for one maybe one for two. 102 is standing by on that one. I am waiting to see how today goes. Either way I dont have to work this Saturday and I don't think I have to work any more of them either. The other 0400-0800s got scarfed but I will survive. With my remaining half hour I think I am gonna try to tackle some of this online Physics nonsense they call homework nowadays.

Peace be with you- Jn

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pieces of a. . . of a thing

I have never written a song before, and I guess you can say I still haven't because it is not done. There are definate major chunks that I want that are missing. I'm being patient this time. Anyways the point is see I didnt go about trying to write a song or trying to write anything for that matter. But then there was this song stuck in my head and eventually more and more pieces of this song that I had never heard before were stuck in my head. I always have a song stuck in my head so I didn't think much about it until I started singing it while I was making dinner (yes I sing and talk to myself when I am alone. . .and when I am not), and I stopped myself and said what am I actually singing. And it was mine and I was shocked. I still dont actually know how I feel about this either. Getting ones own song stuck in ones head seems a little bit egotistical but I didnt even know I had a song. I still dont. I just have pieces, but they get stuck in my head, and I sing them.

So these are the pieces that I have so far and thats all you get cause there arent any more. I guess it is a guy singing which makes sense because I dont really like chick singers except so far it has only been me singing it which just makes things that much more jumbled up. Oh well. It is nameless and dateless and main-verseless, but it is blue. Now for that meeting I need to go to. . .

She talks to Jesus
And He gives her what she needs
But what I can't understand
Whe she takes me by the hand is
Why she talks to me

I am... I am... I am not a good man
I am... I am... I am the one who brings her down
I am... I am... I am not the one for her

She says she will never let me go

She talks to Jesus
And He gives her what she needs
But what takes me by surprise
When I look into her eyes is
That she still cries for me

'Twice' out

Monday, September 05, 2005

Upon returning home

Fievel doesnt eat pork, she eats turkey bacon. . . on fake nachos. . . or triscuits. I dont ask questions. She also drinks fake milk. She calls it predigested milk, as if that is supposed to be better. But I love Fievel because she came back and I was lonely in an empty house. And she bought me cheddar bunnies. And she came up with Captian Leons Excitement Wagon. Come on now, you have the letters CLEW in BB's away message, how can you not play with it. How about Circus Lions Eat Women. Or Catapultings Llamas Emus and Walri. So the other stories of the night include her loosing the tips of her gloves somewhere while cutting lettuce. And a song that goes along the lines of Jesus loves me this I know for the bottle tells me so. And I just hear her yell I am Dense! I should stop talking about her. And I know this all makes no sense because it is very stream of consciousness but hell isnt that how you like me best. Conscious? -Jn

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Words alone

Catatonic (Calliope)
Dirigible (Dilapidated)
Elliptic (Elucidate)
Grotesque (Gianormous)
Ileum (Innocuous)
Keep (Krill)
Latent (Latch)
Moribund (Masticated)
Obstinate (Oboe)
Quartile (Quadrallelogram)
Rubidium (Roto-toaster)
Syncopated (Startle)
Yellow (Yeoman)
Zenith (Zero)

A not so random list of words that I thoroughly enjoy. If there is an extra word it just didnt quite make the cut. These are words that win you mad points if you use them in a sentence when I am present (with extra props being given for prolific and fecundity which are quiet possibly my favorite words to date). And yes the X is meant to stand alone.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chop Shop

Me I dont play that way
I throw myself away
I take my happiness now in nips and snatches
In between digging through ashes
From crisis
To crisis
But with goodness in between
And somewhere
Out there
I gave up on the dream

Has been upgraded to stand alone status. It needs a little tweaking and maybe a few extra lines but now that I can see it as its own entity properly it will be easier.

The girl who lives next door
I am not so lucky as the girl who lives next door

Are lines or ideas anyways that have been running around in my head since the middle of the summer. I keep trying to wrap them up in words properly but it never works. It is hard to clothe the girl next door. These two have been readmitted to the foster home of lines without a proper family. They remain hopeful.

A wilted four leaf clover
Pass me over
A horseshoe turned downside up
No I am not the one with luck

These two definately go together and I like them both very much. However, they are now orphaned and have been placed in the FHLWPF

She has her hand on perfection
Sweet masculine confection
Who dotes upon her always
In a million if not twenty ways
One man now-forever
The story book prince and lover
But who really knows whats in it for
That girl who lives next door.

And this is just unhappy and complicated. I wasnt really a fan of this construction much because most of the lines I actually liked were lost on the car ride home. I thought I fixed it but then I changed my mind. I wont get rid of it; I am just going to have to do some serious surgery to make it into something I enjoy again. It is currently in a state where I never would have showed it to anyone except that I already have because I thought it wasnt so naked when the other words were around it. It is still naked and it is unhappy with me.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

While my house is being attacked by swallows

Make that 3 nights in a row. I like people. Good people anyways. The people that I like.

So today I got to take lots of things appart though it wasnt really appropriate to put them back together. Notes of the day:

- Hissing cockroaches hyperventilate but dont die when you put them in CO2
- It is really hard to find a clam heart when its not beating
- Frogs bleed well but clot fast (we didnt have to kill my guys!!!)
- Mice dont like it when you cut their tales
- It is way easier to bleed a fish from the gills instead of the heart no matter what the proff says

So I got bit by a mouse today which I think is my own fault but I'm not entirely sure. The only reason I know this is because the cockroach chose that particular hole in my body to latch on with his feet. It is extremly difficult to remove a subcutaneous roach. Let me suggest you avoid it at all costs.

I am leaving in a few for a majors meeting and then a bio club meeting officially make myself a complete nerd today. I am ok with it.

Since you read this far I think I will reward you with some more words. I added a few chunks last night and now I think it is done as far as line quantity but maybe not quality. I need to work on actually finishing things so I dont have to keep telling you it is being worked on. I feel kinda self conscious about it. I'm not trying to use it as an excuse or a crutch for poor work. If I think its poor I will just not post it. These things just arent done thats all. Anyways. The point. Or close to it.

:::Poem removed for serious overhaulage and some wanton destruction (9/3/05):::