Monday, September 05, 2005

Upon returning home

Fievel doesnt eat pork, she eats turkey bacon. . . on fake nachos. . . or triscuits. I dont ask questions. She also drinks fake milk. She calls it predigested milk, as if that is supposed to be better. But I love Fievel because she came back and I was lonely in an empty house. And she bought me cheddar bunnies. And she came up with Captian Leons Excitement Wagon. Come on now, you have the letters CLEW in BB's away message, how can you not play with it. How about Circus Lions Eat Women. Or Catapultings Llamas Emus and Walri. So the other stories of the night include her loosing the tips of her gloves somewhere while cutting lettuce. And a song that goes along the lines of Jesus loves me this I know for the bottle tells me so. And I just hear her yell I am Dense! I should stop talking about her. And I know this all makes no sense because it is very stream of consciousness but hell isnt that how you like me best. Conscious? -Jn

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Anonymous said...

I love Fievel, too. How she eats way more than is wholesome, but inspires me to eat more... how she attempts to make us use our 'word choices' wisely...

Good times yo