Friday, September 23, 2005

Two things...or more

So things that go round and round in my head lately.

Thing one involves me going home this weekend. I am wicked stoked. I get to go to my friends "I got a liver so I'm not dying" party which is like this whole crazy miraculous story and I havent seen him in ages anyways so yeah I'm excited. And then I get to see NNG who is one of my favorite people in the world and she is coming with me to the Stillers game because my dad got me tickets because he is the coolest person I know. So watch the game this sunday and you might get to see me make a fool out of myself on TV. And I want to see the new kitties and I want to see my parents so basically I am excited over and above the call of duty.

Thing 2 involves Cane Toads. I was going to post on them yesterday but I was a good little college student and got my work done and packed and vaccuumed the house like I was supposed to. (I even cleaned up the living room and did some dishes as a bonus.) What can I tell you about cane toads. So very much. I intend to do some more research when I get the chance too. Its kinda like when I decided I needed to know more about wombats except that cane toads are interesting enough to pursue further. They are halucinogenic. And invasive. And native to Peru. plus so many other things. You can stuff them or smoke them or lick them or run over hem and there is a movie about them aswell. We are watching it as a bio club event later this year. I would add all kinds of crazy pictures and links except I am on the dispatch computer and none of my happy little buttons show up so do it on your own time. Google 'Lick Cane Toad' and later 'Bufotenine' you can't go wrong really.

Hay mas? Pienso que no. Just random tidbits like my proffessors keep changing assignments the night before or the day that they are due so I have been behind all week which is only partially my fault. And the part that falls on me stems from the fact that 5L and I like each other and are highly distractable people who live in the same house. We make it hard for each other to get homework done. Lz has figured out how to trancend this apparrently because she disapears to her room and gets her work done. I dont know how she slips through the web of distraction but I kinda wish she wouldnt do it all the time cause she doesnt play with us much. She is just one of those 'good' students that I used to be so I understand. She also has that pesky boyfriend issue which takes up time. Don't get me wrong I like him a whole bunch and I am happy for them. It just means like me time and I'm a selfish little brat sometimes. Silly boys. They are great to have around but there is so much upkeep. Like puppies or something. So cute but so much work. I am going to get myself a cane toad prince and then I wont have to worry about finding a boyfriend anymore. It will not bother me. (Provided I get over the 'yiffing' as 5L would say) So what I am saying without saying it is I think we need to (Need being the key word translating into Jn is craving) have a party because otherwise my friends dont plan out play time which means I dont get to play with them. But if i tell them on x night we will be at my house then they will know and they will come. Shuff is having a 21st birthday soon. That is cause to celebrate if we need find cause which is debateable. We could just have a cane toad party as far as I am concerned sept cane toads are controled substances/animal entities which complicates matters.

I don't know. I like my house and my housemates.(and they can cook pretty well which just has bonus written all over it) I like the LL and her critters. And the frogs out back. I like my classes and my proffs (most of the time) and I'm not failing physics yet. I work DPS pretty much every day so its a nice comfy little home now that makes me :) and if work makes you do that its an ok thing. And I get to go home this weekend. I cannot (rightly) complain about anything... except not seeing my friends and I am working on that. I love it when life rolls around into goodness like this. Its all warm and fuzzy like a hot drink- but not the warm and fuzzy like a halmark movie. Different genre of fuzz.

Here is hoping something interesting happens to me during my travels home (but not the sort of something that involves no tickets or delayed flights or any of that ickiness.



Ramblin' Ed said...

We have debated long and hard the vibrancies and peculiarities of the different genres of fuzz.

Damndest thing though. While we always start with fuzz, and weighty discussions thereof, we nearly always end up with a drink in our hands, laughing our asses off, knee deep in a lively discussion about...are you ready for this?... LINT!

How the conversation steers away from fuzz and into lint like that still mystifies us to this day.

Enjoy your self and enjoy your weekend. Make friends you'll keep for life.

Anonymous said... lost. It happens. By all means, keep doing it. The Steelers are good at it.

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Yoyo said...

ya seriously