Sunday, September 04, 2005

Words alone

Catatonic (Calliope)
Dirigible (Dilapidated)
Elliptic (Elucidate)
Grotesque (Gianormous)
Ileum (Innocuous)
Keep (Krill)
Latent (Latch)
Moribund (Masticated)
Obstinate (Oboe)
Quartile (Quadrallelogram)
Rubidium (Roto-toaster)
Syncopated (Startle)
Yellow (Yeoman)
Zenith (Zero)

A not so random list of words that I thoroughly enjoy. If there is an extra word it just didnt quite make the cut. These are words that win you mad points if you use them in a sentence when I am present (with extra props being given for prolific and fecundity which are quiet possibly my favorite words to date). And yes the X is meant to stand alone.


Ramblin' Ed said...

Catatonic (Calliope)

These are the ones I choose to use not lose. But they're in twos. Good idea. Whose?

If I ever meet you (again) I will work them into the conversation. I am going to attempt my extra points by nonchalantly slipping in slippy as we speak.

You must also choose up a suitable quiver of vocabulary to bring for the occasion. I am crusty and not prone to being impressed on the first salvo, so do your preparation.

I would think you are/are beginning to head into a fine New England autumn. Enjoy the colors.

Anonymous said...


i really hate the fact that you live so far away because it makes it so easy to lose touch when one gets caught up in the business of life. but i will not let that happen, don't worry. i miss you so freakin much. come to connecticut very soon. please? we've got a lot of catching up to do already..... (that can really only be done in person, ya know what i mean?) i freakin love yooooooou <3

White booby monkey
Amy erectus

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

Quick wit from the begining. I like. We are headed into autumn at break neck speed and it doesnt make me all that happy but I am coping. And yes when we chance to meet again I will be as profound as possible. -Jn