Monday, September 26, 2005

Better never late than late never

So this was written in the airport but I didnt get to post it till now so here you go...

So I know I have already done this once today, but there wasn’t enough data in yet to make judgement calls on the day. I had a hunch but well hunches aren’t always good. Sometimes people have them removed.

This morning I did not wake up to an alarm clock. Instead I got 104 yackin at me through the talkie on my phone. So from the get-go I knew I was late for work. He has no other reason to call. First thoughts: Damn why didn’t my alarm go off I KNOW I turned it on. 2. At least I set my stuff all out last night because I was fidgety. 3. Do I have time for coffee? YES. Always time for coffee. So I drove myself at break neck speed to campus and made it in 12 minutes. The problem about living off campus is that when I am late I cannot be less that a half hour late. It’s icky. But Babcock got some extra cash and my shift went a little faster. And I didn’t wake up to the alarm making its God-awful indescribable noise which is always a plus. And like a good little student I got all my Friday work done the day before so I could slack off during my shift and chat. Mmmmm good happy unstressedness. (Which happens to be a word with lots of the same letters)

I meandered myself over to the bio library and chilled for a bit and talked to the good Doctor B. and figured proposed the idea of recommended reading lists for al concentrations…or at least for me. It was well received on busy ears, which is to say it was and still is a really good idea but the chances of it happening ain’t that good. And we figured out that there is a potentially stellar class for me next semester hidden within the upper level history classes if you can believe it. So I wandered barefoot (as I lost my shoes someplace in the building that I call home where I am not allowed to walk barefoot if I listen to the people in charge) over to some of my favorite people on campus who live in the bowels of Jenks at the registrar to ask about if the powers that be were being those powers and found out that I need to get my tushy moving if I wanna graduate. Good thing those ladies take care of me. They know me by name. I don’t know if that is a good thing but I love them anyway. A few even go to my church.

Then I proceeded in some sort of shoed fashion to the monstrosity known as AJ GORDON MEMORIAL CHAPEL (I put it in caps to try to replicate the hugeness of the columns but 12 print doesn’t quite do it) and I had the good fortune to bump into 5L on the way. Much to my Joy and the fulfillment of my Happy Warm Fuzzy Bunny feelings I got to listen to freshman class president wannabes sing their own praises and make fools of themselves on stage for my spiritual and moral edification. (We don’t know what we are doing yet but it’s gonna be good. We already have a theme and everything. I have been class president for 4 years. I like the word leader. It has a nice ring to it.- They needed to just say vote for me because I am attractive and popular and look I always have been ::flips hair to the side and giggles::) And chapel got out before 11 which is more than 15 minutes of precious time that I can waste be my own means instead of the means of the powers that be. It needed to end anyways. Those cheerleaders didn’t have many more unused vocabulary words left. Oh you silly freshman, so full of hope and dreams about making Gordon better. Don’t you know there is no money and as soon as it snows all hope dies with the posies planted around the clock. But you will. You will.

So I hung out with Lz and ran errands with her and was happy to just do stupid stuff because I could. And I miss her. But 15 minutes really didn’t last long so that ends that paragraph.

Animal phys was pretty stellar I think by some fluke. We all did article summaries which means you read something really dense and boring (not always) and translate it into layman’s English and share it with the class. This doesn’t sound all that great except its kinda like reading discover magazine. You get tons of little random fascinating tidbits that might not connect to something else at all but they are just cool to know. Like Eastern painted turtles hibernate differently than other turtles and people are doing circulation studies on my little cane toad friends. And the fact that I could translate the scientific name for the class just further indicated to them that I smoke them. And when someone said ‘why would you use cane toads?’ and I kinda chuckled that just cemented it. Come on guys they are huge and they eat anything. What’s not to lick? I mean like. Like is the appropriate word there. Dr. Story talked to me about doing cane toad studies but I think he was being facetious. But hey if he wants me to get interested in bio-chem I am pretty sure that is his only available mode.

And the E of EJ&J invited us J’s over for lunch which I have to say was hands down the most amazing part of my day. He said something this afternoon about the soothing therapeutic effects of his apartment. He’s not wrong. If was the kind of happy where if you don’t bounce or dance or laugh or write you explode, the kind of happy that require physical movement to be fully experienced, that rare kind of happy that stems from ultimate deep seated contentment. My soul was over full. So what happened to make it so amazing you wonder? Well first I got my shift covered by 2 wonderful boys who work before and after me. That way no one is bustin their balls over my little vacation for an 8 hour overnight shift or has to unwillingly sleep through and 8am on my account. Life is good and I have to figure out a way to repay them both. Then Jn came over even though she was sick and we chatted and I started bouncing. Then SB, one of E’s apartment mates handed me a cup of amazing, I have no clue what was in it tea, and we were just talking, and MA (E’s roommate) was baking bread and I was mesmerized by the process. And E hands me this plate of amazingness which was based on rice and probly eggs and had raisins and cinnamon among other things. It was like a party in my mouth only breakfast style for lunch. You could NOT eat it without bouncing and as Jn pointed out later I couldn’t eat it without making odd little happy noises either. Then JD popped in and all of the sudden their were harmonicas and a guitar and drums and they were just playing. I was working on esplode mode and I couldn’t figure out what to do with myself until I jumped up and found a notebook. Mmm notebook. Mmm pen. And I just sorta wrote what they were playing. The story that the harmonica was telling me. The way the river wanted the words to flow on the paper. I popped out 3 poems in well in not that long except for 2 of them I didn’t exactly get finished before the song changed so I am not quite sure how I feel about them. I don’t know. I will get back to you on that one. But then some of them disappeared and the bread was done and since I was in the ‘wrong place’ at the ‘wrong time’ as I was told I had to try the bread. SO good. Words cannot describe. But then my alarm was going off to tell me to go to physics so I left the apartment of goodness and headed to my class.

I did really well on my exam as far as I am concerned. I was pretty far from failing and on the top end of the class and I didn’t bother to study because I am easily distracted. Oh well. And it was painful to watch the clock move and TB was making fun of me every time I turned around (which was like every 30 seconds) But then I was off and the world was a wonderful place.

I got lost trying to find economy parking and had the privilege of paying an extra $3 to turn around via the summner tunnel because Boston is retarded and I ended up parking in the expensive spot but that couldn’t be helped. And now I am sitting in the airport just waiting for my plane to board. It has been a stellar day so far and I know its going to keep on in this way. Mmmmm…

So you get two from the apartment of goodness…

The warm up:

Wordless song

And so this is how the days go by
A flow of in and out
With beats and bare feet
And a long sad tone
But I am not alone
You step in beside me
And we walk through the rain
I love you still
Again and again

And the cool down:

A Bus Stop in Burton

Baby what’s that little trinket
Hangin round your neck?
Is it from your daddy
Or some boy from ‘cross the tracks?

If I sit down here beside you
Will you help me pass the time?
I’m just waitin for my bus to come,
Heading on towards the sublime
They say the coast is pretty
If you can stand the cold
And hell I’ve got some years to waste
Before I get too old

Baby why you sittin here
Waitin lonesome in the sun?
Why don’t you tag along with me
Cause my future has just begun

I like the solemn in your beauty
Reminds me of an early autumn rain
So I’ll help you keep on if you’re runnin
And try to help you fight the pain
Or if you want to turn around
Cause you miss the comforts you call home
I can help you find your way
Before I go off to find my own

Baby what’s that jinglin in your pocket?
The last change that you have left?
Please just slip your cold hands into mine
I’m not a good man but I’ll do my best


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Ramblin' Ed said...

Long one you got here today. Missed my second cup of coffee over it. And you KNOW how I hate missing a cup of coffee. Or, at the very least, you should be able to infer how much.

I like the way your thoughts/words/phrasing jumps about and chases itself (and others) all around the page and yet somehow (usually) ends up still making sense. Sometimes barely, but always usually.

OK, I have said more than I set out to. Shame the posies gotta die, but better posies than _______ (fill in your own thought provoking noun here).