Saturday, October 01, 2005


Yesterday reaked of goodness but it alsy reaked of badness. I think goodone the day but that bad is still lingering around like badness tends to do so we will see.

I am sick. Not the I have a mandatory cold type of sick though I have that and not like a knock down drag out flu type of thing. This is like the internal working of my body arent working kinda sick. It leads to random food cravings (which is easily fixed) random blood pressure changes, loss of focus, adgetation (How do you spell this word?) and my falling asleep in random places all over campus. Not so stellar. All things a college student has to deal with anyway now magnified beyond belief. Make it go away.

Thusday night I was non-functional by 6 (meaning I was awake and could stare at a wall but there was no chance of coherant conversation or logical action) and I decided to go to bed. The roommates woke me up for dinner but that was like a good dream. Even with all that sleep I was late again for work but not as late this time and progressed to doing nothing at all on my shift but writing down opening times.After work I failed miserably at physics homework and went to go talk to the prof. He unconfused me up a hill and I was standing at the top glorying in the view of amazingness and how wonderful life was and he kept talking and confused me right down the other side of the hill rolling as I went. I was in chapel but I have no clue what was said because my brain was sleeping. Apparently it was good and BB should have heard it. Thats what i got anyways. Then I fell asleep before phys class and woke up supposedly for class but I dont remember it. Finished physics just in time for class and managed to be coherant through class. I bet you are wondering where the goodness is hidden in this day. It starts now.

I went back to the biolibrary after class to do some work and fell asleep on the couch for a good long time while Udy was working on the computer and keeping me safe from scavenging gnomes. I woke up for Bio-Tea and my Kt was there. Apparently she has been coming to tea more than me which is weird because she is a music major. I love her anyways. She told me we (we being her) were making dinner and hanging out and that the Frog was coming as well. So we cleaned up bio-tea together and went to find him. We got lost in his dorm for a while then caught up in the harvest party where we saw at least 2 handfuls of cool people and were fed free fall foodstuffs. When we got to full we went to Dextah to get supplies and again got distracted. Kt played me music (I dont know if she intended it to be for anyone else but it was definately just for me) andI read a book she stuck in my face. Then we went to Frogs house. We got to play with his animals andsee the mini frog and his parents who cannot help but throw food at us because they assume we are starving. We stayed for ever but Kt kept getting sicker so we left by way f CVS and drogas and got to I-spinach at like 8 still needing dinner. Frog found us a pizza shop and we ordered and wandered around I-spinach and I found a better/cheaper packie though we didn't by anything. We came home and found 5L almost falling asleep wanting desperately to be distracted- so we did. We watched the red sox win and ate pizza and played video games and when we got tired I took the campus types home. It was such a good night because I never get to see these people and they are some of my favorites. But I got a whole night full of them and next weekend I might get the same only with more people because we are celebrating the 21st anniversary of the birth of one Shuffles. I am excited. We will see if i can make it through this week first though.

Really the only reason i am posting this is because the RQ seems to think I am dying. I might be but I am not dead yet so there is really no problem. But now she has internet confirmation that I am in fact still around. Now I am going to go play with my car.

Wanna-be Mechanic out-Jn


The Red Queen said...

Yeah! You are still alive!! How did the oil change go? Perhaps you should think about one of those for yourself too.

Anonymous said...

Unless Jn did it (car oil) by herself, it didn't get done. Me being the one with access to a garage, ended up stuck on prisoner/cuckoo watch at the hospital for longer than my shift was supposed to last. I was dead to the world by 10pm...on a Saturday. Jn, if you didn't do at the house, maybe towards the end of the week.


Dan said...

what is wrong with you car jn? as in a movie with a little guy and a funny man says "i can do it"