Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How much wood

would peter piper pick if sally sold sea shells in a rubber baby buggy near unique New York?

This one time I lived in Ipswich. This would not be that time. I live in the Penthouse right now and sleep about as much there as in my sleeping bag in Ispinach. About the only reason to go home for me right now is to change clothes and repack my portable pantry. Oh yeah and to add to my stack of undone dishes. All I really have to say about it is Anh.

The past 2 days when I woke up it was still dark. Now I understand when I wake up at 330 am for work it should be dark. Not an issue. It should not still be dark at 630. The sun should come up at 6ish and set at 6ish regularly. Then the day sorta makes sense. Get up and get ready, eat breakfast, walk some transects come back and eat lunch, walk another transect take a shower and compile your data, eat dinner and go out for a few hours. You can be back under your misquito net by 10 or 11 and get plenty enough sleep to start the cycle over again the next day. Alarm clocks are no good, Electric lights are only sometimes good, 8 hour work days are not bad as long as they are balanced with some ratio of about 8 hours sleeping and 8 hours hang out/live life time.

It has been raining. I have been writing. These are not necessarily related. When I get some time to unwind at home that does not get delegated to housemates and laundry I will polish something and post it since I know thats why you keep coming back anyways. This week doesn't look good. Nor do the next 3. Ha!

I have been told the answer to all unknown math questions is 5 and all unknown geography questions is France. This is not either type of question so the answer still eludes me.


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The Red Queen said...

should I be sending the rent check to Gordon instead of Jill????

Glad to see you are still raging against what is- that proves you are are still breathing!
Love ya bunches and oh yeah, I miss the heck outta ya for some reason???