Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The monster ate my homework

Sometimes, when I go to type a post and the verification code is really long, I hit refresh so so I get a shorter one.

It is a rainy grey day here in sunny New England. It has been raining for the past 3 weeks. Exept on Sunday when I came in to work there was a bit of sun. I was confused. It was really so strange. So we are in a state or perpetual morning because the morning crisp and greyness never quite goes away. I was a fan week one and maybe even week 2 because i like the rain and grey and whatnot but it is cold in our house and our heat wont get turned on until later this month so I am pretty tired of the rain. Not so much for the rain itself but the fact that i can never get warm and dry.

I carry a plastic grocery bag with me pretty much all of the time with a little mini pantry full of snacky foods. I used to pack a respectable lunch with a sandwich and all that good stuff except it just didnt work for me. I start eating around 1030 with a little snack and end up grazing on various bits and peices all day. I am never hungry enough to eat a sandwich in one sitting when I have time. In fact I never really get hungry even if I dont eat anything for like days- I just get sick and kinda passoutish. Anyways I just start eating in class to give me somethign to do and so I can stay awake- I am less fidgety. I tell you all that to tell you this. I am sitting here in the Chair of Power (COP) grazing on some dry cereal that I procured from my personal portable pantry. It's called Mighty Bites and it is people shaped. And all i keep thinking is geeze its like dog food or something. Yah know like those dog biscuits that are mailman shaped or whatever, Except this is people food and I am eating people. What does that say. What kind of message are we sending to these wee crunchy granola kids whose crunchy granola parents feed then this cereal (It's Kashi cereal). And I mean its such good cereal too. I wouldnt have a problem feeding it to my kids only well it is people shaped. Couldnt it be like tree shaped or stars or something if it cant just be plain old O's. I mean it is kinda fun setting up a little town and then going all Godzilla on it and I am an avocate of playing with your food but do you really want little timmy telling his teacher he eats people for breakfast. You are just asking for trouble. My vote is still out- by that I mean I will still by the cereal but I might not let my kids have it...since I have a horde of kids just begging for cereal...or someting.

Speaking of swamp monsters. Me and 5l were watching football on the talking box and started talking about serial killers and stupid movies and we decided we should make one for the Gordon Globes. We even came up witha decent like plot and everything. The big problem is that the movie can only be 3.5 minutes long. That is not nearly long enough to develop the character of the salt marsh monster. So we are reworking the plot and getting a new ending. We also need a video camera and an editor and a pitchfork. But we are hopeful. This stupid thing has been on m mind for the past 3 days. I cant eat or sleep or do homeowrk. Nothing. Just thinking aout the monster. Any time anything moves out of the corner of my eye it must be the monster. When egg dishes end up in the dishwasher and get the eggs all baked on if was the monster. When I wash the floors and leave footprints everywhere it was the monster. When water comes up through the basement floor you better believe the monster did it. So if we can't have the monster I dont know what I am going to to. I might decompose. I might become the monster and that would just be no good really at all.

I am going to go grade papers for an hour.

Slightly more different than a swamp monster and out

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Ramblin' Ed said...

I hope you don't decompose. I think that would just stink.