Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today it snows

A Little Change (Ipswich House, 10/29/05)

I have 36 cents in my pocket
Some lint and a bus ticket stub
It doesn't look to get any warmer
So tonight I will play 21

I'll slide in close beside you
You look more harmless than the rest
Say, 'I haven't seen much cause I'm new to this town,
But what I've seen you must be the best.'

The first drink you buy me will chase off the chill
With the second I'll be feeling alright
When you buy me a third or maybe a fourth
I'll know I have a home for the night

Maybe I'll stay for a few days
Or you'll decide to keep me around
You'll save me from theives
And a world that ain't free
And keep me on the bright side of town

But you can't catch a falling star
They burn to hot, to bright, to fast
And while you might like the decoration
Pretty flowers never last

I'll break your heart when I need to
Leave you a note when I hit the road
With all the food I can pocket
In your old winter coat

I hope my memory doesn't haunt you
I'll try not to leave it behind
I'm just a vagabond
A wayward soul moving on
From a place that has slipped my mind.



Anonymous said...

my names ken i live in the north of england.i enjoyed your blogg
i grew up in yorkshire where meny of the pits,mines where,are closed due to margert thatchers goverment,as a child i have fond memorys of my grand father and dad as they would set out at 4.00am for the pit and come back rotten and reaking of coal..alas the world is changing,but is it for the better? t t f n

Ramblin' Ed said...

OK, except for the snuggling up part, you just wrote one of my songs.

I alsways ask the same qustion of myself once I get going good. Do I stay, leave, break a heart or get mine broken? That's it. It always takes one or anbother of those paths.

I enjoyed it a lot. Just wondering if RQ enjoyed it.

The Red Queen said...

yep it does sound like an ed song and yep I like it. I figure Ed didnt actually have or do all that he writes about either.

Ramblin' Ed said...

Good way to look at it.