Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And then it was over

I am finally starting to be back in control of the night time again. Last night I dreamed and it had the potential to be lucid except I declined conscious control. This was for the better.

It was a drawn out dream with many disjointed places and people but most of the people in my high school graduating class and others who left us along the way were there. And they were all this age but as if there had been no disconnect, no graduation and going separate ways and becoming married. Maybe we all had gone away but we still knew each other as if we were together daily.

We were in a bunker of sorts in the mountains outside of a city for a tour and dinner. Mid tour we met the president (who is actually one of the professors at UMB) and I spoke with him for a while. Then we had a really good dinner and were briefed on our mission.

It is one of those classic good versus evil struggles where most of the human populace does not know about the threat and does not care except that they DO NOT want the struggle going on. And if the good guys don't fight the bad guys the bad guys will ruin everything for everyone including the apathetic masses. And we got in to our aircraft that were shockingly like TIE-Fighters from star wars and just as agile. We met our foes (I have no idea who we were fighting? Aliens? Another race? Another country?) outside of the city, with a goal of keeping them from leveling it. There was a chaotic dog fight. They manned stealth bombers and flew in formation making them a solid wall. We flew at random but like a school of fish ever conscious of our proximity to the others so collisions were avoided. They had a distinct leader and plan. None of our pilots was designated leader; we moved as necessary and received suggestions from our base.

We were in control of the fight and they were being pushed back. Then they were running. And we realized that we were being drawn away from the city so that a few could sneak in behind us. I broke off from the chase with two others and met three enemies at the city limits. At first we were chasing them but somehow they looped back around and were chasing us. My ship started losing power and I managed to set it down in an alley by a park where some transient shops were set up. I snuch in to a pot shop and bought a AA battery from the dred-locked hippie who made the jewelry and other merchandise. $3.18 for one AA battery. I remember specifically. But none of the other prices stayed the same or made sense. Thats when I realized I was dreaming. I bought the battery and fired up my ship again. In that time my comrades had been trapped by the three ships and were hovering and spinning nearer and nearer to each other as the other ships closed in. Apparently I had been forgotten and I used that to my advantage. One ship was was sent skittering into a tall sky scrapper shearing off the top 10 floors as it went. Another spiralled down and out of the city into the mountains and the third took off after it with us in pursuit. And then I woke up.

And then it was over.

But TIE fighters run on one AA battery.