Friday, August 25, 2006

HMoCZ and finches

I have been running around with crazy people all week. I saw Frog and then Tybo and Mel Kel and we went bookstoring and talking and breaking and entering and vintage shoping and eating a lot of eating. I also got to hang out with JJ for a bit. Oh and I got a pen. I think I mentioned it before. I mention it again. I got a pen.

Yesterday I saw everything and that is a lie. We went into bean town (well cambridge anyways) to the Harvard Natural History Museum. There was and amazing photograph exibit that what worth our student discounted admission all by its lonesome but then there was the museum of comparative zoology. We spent so much time running around in there that there was only about 15 minutes for the glass flowers exibit and they kicked us out before we ever got to the minerals and the history section (and they had a thing about anceint peruvian culture). Silly closing time. But we were never gonna leave otherwise. Then we went and found and idyllic concrete bench on the side of an asphalt path and munched on a rather late lunch. Is it dinner when you wait until after 5? Maybe. I started feeding this cute little finch some of my sandwich. Then there were like 4 more little finches so I was feeding them too. Then there were 100 finches and they ceased to be cute and comenced to be a little creepy and opressive. Mel Kel accused me of pushing buttons. She was right. She is frequently right. I told Tybo he would get $2 for a finch but he never caught one. We also talked about a million good things on the way too and from. Homesteading, farming in general, keeping all industry in village, travel, our honeymoon, books, people, and many many other things. And we made it home with no problems. That was exciting. Then Kt came over. We ate a lot of pizza and talked until I almost fell asleep. Life is good.

It is my day off and I am going in to work. Orientation. Freshmen. I love freshmen.

My favorite I think is that it is move in day and it rained all night and it is stlil raining on and off. Life is good.

I have pictures of yesterday but once again they are trapped in a camera...whose batteries are going dead. Hmm....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

(it mentions fish!)

When I lost my computer 20 times a day I would stumble over the fact that I would show someone something (a picture a poem whatever) if I'd had it. The same is true about the camera. This time see I have the camera but no way to transfer the goodies that live inside of it to a more public media. I am told the way is coming via mail. My thought is that like the computer the immediate, essential uses for the camera will disapear when it isn't out of service. Had I a camera I would show you the pen. For now you have to wait on the USPS.

As an update, I am homeless again in a little over 2 weeks. No worries. School starts in days which equals friends with floors and an over abundance of meal points.

Also I do NOT like silverfish. This is promted by the silverfish crawling from out of no-where in the office and suicide jumping off of the desk onto my pants. I like house centipedes and they live in drains and have an unusual number of legs and strange appearance so its not that exactly. Silverfish are just...just...shudder. Thats all. Period.


Nothing More (finished 8/22/06 RRC)

I’d mourn you if I thought you’d mourn me
More than lost fate and too little too late.
But then, I haven’t given up on us enough
To write you off as gone for good like I should
And learned how to grieve the twice deceased
And love almost had. Though it’s not quite too bad,
And I can live half-widowed before I’m promised wed
Or ever met in bed and I never have to know
That it wouldn’t have gone beyond a kiss or two
Under a moderately romantic moon before
You left me for whatever seemed better at the time.
But pity’s not my line. This is just the mess I guess
That could be in my head. Instead I sip here waiting,
Cold beer in hand, anticipating the day you’re on this shore.
Only this, and nothing more.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

With Love and Squalor

One of my favorite shorts. I don't exactly know why. A few typos but I think that's what keeps it free.

yup, gate's still broken

I was going to post about my new dog but apparently I don't have a new dog and it was a dirty rotten lie the whole time.

For the record The Wall has been chosen and and while many have been sentenced no one has been sent...yet.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pictures I promised sometime

I planned on leaving you with better pictures of my rainbowhead and adding some of camp but I left my camera cable at home so this is all you get for now. The hair pictures really only show how nuts it is not the actual colors...sorry.

The really cool bug.

The hands that killed Barney...or dyed my hair

A little more blue than it should be

A little too pink


icteo-thesaurus your mom

abrupt, acid, acrid, acrimonious, awkward, bad-tempered, base, bearish, bellicose, bitchy, bleak, blue, blue funk, bluff, blunt, boorish, brief, broody, brusque, cantankerous, captious, caviling, chapfallen, cheerless, choleric, chuffy, churlish, cloddish, clodhopping, contentious, contrary, crabbed, crabby , cranky, crestfallen, cross, cross-grained, crotchety, crude, crusty, curmudgeonly, curt, cussed, cynical, dejected, depressed, desolate, despondent, difficult, disagreeable, disconsolate, discourteous, dismal, disobliging, dispirited, disputatious, dour, downcast, downhearted, dragged, dreary, eccentric, eristic, faultfinding, forbidding, forlorn, fractious, fretful, gloomy, glum, grim, grouchy, gruff, grumpy, hard, harsh, hasty, huffy, ill-humored, ill-mannered, ill-tempered, impatient, impolite, irascible, irritable, joyless, jumpy, loutish, lowbred, malicious, mean, melancholy, menacing, mirthless, miserable, misanthropic, miserly, moody, moping, mopish, morose, mournful, mumpish, nasty, nasty-tempered, oafish, obnoxious, obstreperous, odd, offensive, oppressed, ornery, peeved, peevish, perverse, pessimistic, pettish, petulant, prickly, put out, queer, querulous, quick-tempered, ratty, rude, rustic, sad, sarcastic, saturnine, scornful, severe, sharp, short, short-tempered, snappish, snappy, snarling, snippety, snippy, solemn, sour, splenetic, stringent, sulky, sullen, surly, tart, terse, testy, tetchy, touchy, tough, trying, twitty, ugly, uncivil, uncivilized, uncultured, unfriendly, unhappy, ungracious, unlikable, unmannerly, unpleasant, unpolished, unsociable, unusual, uptight, vexed, vulgar, waspish, waspy, weary, whiny, woebegone

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Can I ask you a question?

To the guys I met at the gas station off 84 in NY at quater to 3 last friday night. Normally I am more talkative, I was just really tired. Lets get coffee or something.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


In a week I've:
Sucked at darts
Played with kittens who hate thing
Exagerated to the point of untruth (What is it about my family)
Marveled at the interconnections in a family tree
Played college counselor
Watched bats wake up and run
Swam in no degree water and disGUSting water
Watched a cat have kittens
Seen a bunch of friends
Found out about a bunch of impending weddings
Washed my fathers neck with WD40
Washed my car
Hung out in a hammock
Obeyed a speed limit of 9 1/2
And any number of other things

And for the record my family is pretty damn awsome. I will keep um. All of um. The sister snuck on to my blog unannounced and purchased for me some of the books on my list. Yesssssssssss.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eclectic like hair color...

My head crunchified then fireworked and now its pretty stellar.

The gift that keeps on giving. I have an anklet of a different color. This instant colors it purple. I wonder what comes next?

I found a wicked sweet bug last night heaving his last breaths. He might survive the day and if he does we cheer for him. If not .:wipes a tear:. I think we stick a pin in his back and encapsulate him in a box for posterity. I like posters.

What the man didn't know was that I actually started vacation before my last shift was over. I'm not exactly sure when but it was sometime between waking up on a cold tile floor when the compressor kicked on and saving the love-birds from the beach mosquitoes. Moscos Cojoneses, Aye! The other man knew but there was nothing he could do about it but supply direct pressure and hope the bleeding exhuberance stopped. It did...when he went home.

Breakfast rabbit style in Glouchestershire. (A little south of Manster) Carrot cake pancakes with rabbity goodness baked right in. Unless I go for the uncrunchy granola aka oatmeal of amazingness. Shifts can be run on giddiness without caffiene or sleep. Breakfast choices require coffee and MelKel.

Did I mention I was engaged?...I thought not.

Hopefully the happy intellects forget this building as condemned as it should be has internal-air cooling, external-air heating, electric meter propulsion devices. Half-couch sleep is better than so many other things, for instance negative-sleep driving and full-floor sleeping.

I prefer to drive when it is well dark. The more insane people are sleeping and more sane deer are awake and in the middle of the highway where they can be properly illuminated. Catsby prefers live deer as they have the option of moving out of the way. Dead deer not so much. I take her advice on most things (like potential boyfriends) though her definition of full and mine are rather different. I can't tell her to suck it up wuss...but I can put and apple sticker on her forhead.

Pictures of important brightly colored objects should follow upon my return to uncivilization sometime tomorrow around no oclock.