Friday, August 25, 2006

HMoCZ and finches

I have been running around with crazy people all week. I saw Frog and then Tybo and Mel Kel and we went bookstoring and talking and breaking and entering and vintage shoping and eating a lot of eating. I also got to hang out with JJ for a bit. Oh and I got a pen. I think I mentioned it before. I mention it again. I got a pen.

Yesterday I saw everything and that is a lie. We went into bean town (well cambridge anyways) to the Harvard Natural History Museum. There was and amazing photograph exibit that what worth our student discounted admission all by its lonesome but then there was the museum of comparative zoology. We spent so much time running around in there that there was only about 15 minutes for the glass flowers exibit and they kicked us out before we ever got to the minerals and the history section (and they had a thing about anceint peruvian culture). Silly closing time. But we were never gonna leave otherwise. Then we went and found and idyllic concrete bench on the side of an asphalt path and munched on a rather late lunch. Is it dinner when you wait until after 5? Maybe. I started feeding this cute little finch some of my sandwich. Then there were like 4 more little finches so I was feeding them too. Then there were 100 finches and they ceased to be cute and comenced to be a little creepy and opressive. Mel Kel accused me of pushing buttons. She was right. She is frequently right. I told Tybo he would get $2 for a finch but he never caught one. We also talked about a million good things on the way too and from. Homesteading, farming in general, keeping all industry in village, travel, our honeymoon, books, people, and many many other things. And we made it home with no problems. That was exciting. Then Kt came over. We ate a lot of pizza and talked until I almost fell asleep. Life is good.

It is my day off and I am going in to work. Orientation. Freshmen. I love freshmen.

My favorite I think is that it is move in day and it rained all night and it is stlil raining on and off. Life is good.

I have pictures of yesterday but once again they are trapped in a camera...whose batteries are going dead. Hmm....

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