Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eclectic like hair color...

My head crunchified then fireworked and now its pretty stellar.

The gift that keeps on giving. I have an anklet of a different color. This instant colors it purple. I wonder what comes next?

I found a wicked sweet bug last night heaving his last breaths. He might survive the day and if he does we cheer for him. If not .:wipes a tear:. I think we stick a pin in his back and encapsulate him in a box for posterity. I like posters.

What the man didn't know was that I actually started vacation before my last shift was over. I'm not exactly sure when but it was sometime between waking up on a cold tile floor when the compressor kicked on and saving the love-birds from the beach mosquitoes. Moscos Cojoneses, Aye! The other man knew but there was nothing he could do about it but supply direct pressure and hope the bleeding exhuberance stopped. It did...when he went home.

Breakfast rabbit style in Glouchestershire. (A little south of Manster) Carrot cake pancakes with rabbity goodness baked right in. Unless I go for the uncrunchy granola aka oatmeal of amazingness. Shifts can be run on giddiness without caffiene or sleep. Breakfast choices require coffee and MelKel.

Did I mention I was engaged?...I thought not.

Hopefully the happy intellects forget this building as condemned as it should be has internal-air cooling, external-air heating, electric meter propulsion devices. Half-couch sleep is better than so many other things, for instance negative-sleep driving and full-floor sleeping.

I prefer to drive when it is well dark. The more insane people are sleeping and more sane deer are awake and in the middle of the highway where they can be properly illuminated. Catsby prefers live deer as they have the option of moving out of the way. Dead deer not so much. I take her advice on most things (like potential boyfriends) though her definition of full and mine are rather different. I can't tell her to suck it up wuss...but I can put and apple sticker on her forhead.

Pictures of important brightly colored objects should follow upon my return to uncivilization sometime tomorrow around no oclock.


North Mainer said...

Loud hair is fun, bugs are amazing, re-consciouness on cold floors not so much. Rabbit food is good for weekends and special friends, engaged...oy, you sleeping on nasty half couches in junky science buildings...where are my nitro pills. Dancing with dear is exciting. A favorite pass time of sleep depraived drivers on back country roads with little fast zooming cars just driving cause its the only thing that makes sense. At least dear bounce better than moose. Moose just sort of make things crunchy. Danille is indeed better at the potential date game than I am. If I listened to her I might still have feelings and sanity. Somebody needed to inform me of the smartness of autos years ago.

Lu said...

... yes please.

Ramblin' Ed said...

I have an anklet of a different color...
I, yes an old man like me, wear 4 anklets at all times. But only one is particularly colorful.

nothing he could do about it but supply direct pressure and hope the bleeding exhuberance stopped... too cool! I feel that way a lot, but the closest I ever came to describing it right was to say, "I'm pretty happy", or occasionally, "I'm pretty freakin' happy".

I can't tell her to suck it up wuss...but I can put and apple sticker on her forhead... I do not believe I can condone this. Sorry Jenn, I'm usually on your side, but not when you choose to be cruel. (If Catsby is a person and not a feline, disregard the above. most people deserve worse than they get anyway)