Tuesday, August 22, 2006

(it mentions fish!)

When I lost my computer 20 times a day I would stumble over the fact that I would show someone something (a picture a poem whatever) if I'd had it. The same is true about the camera. This time see I have the camera but no way to transfer the goodies that live inside of it to a more public media. I am told the way is coming via mail. My thought is that like the computer the immediate, essential uses for the camera will disapear when it isn't out of service. Had I a camera I would show you the pen. For now you have to wait on the USPS.

As an update, I am homeless again in a little over 2 weeks. No worries. School starts in days which equals friends with floors and an over abundance of meal points.

Also I do NOT like silverfish. This is promted by the silverfish crawling from out of no-where in the office and suicide jumping off of the desk onto my pants. I like house centipedes and they live in drains and have an unusual number of legs and strange appearance so its not that exactly. Silverfish are just...just...shudder. Thats all. Period.


Nothing More (finished 8/22/06 RRC)

I’d mourn you if I thought you’d mourn me
More than lost fate and too little too late.
But then, I haven’t given up on us enough
To write you off as gone for good like I should
And learned how to grieve the twice deceased
And love almost had. Though it’s not quite too bad,
And I can live half-widowed before I’m promised wed
Or ever met in bed and I never have to know
That it wouldn’t have gone beyond a kiss or two
Under a moderately romantic moon before
You left me for whatever seemed better at the time.
But pity’s not my line. This is just the mess I guess
That could be in my head. Instead I sip here waiting,
Cold beer in hand, anticipating the day you’re on this shore.
Only this, and nothing more.


Ramblin' Ed said...

Terror level is correct. Thank you.

This is all write:

Under a moderately romantic moon before
You left me for whatever seemed better at the time.

That is quite good. For some reason I am reminded of Buffett.

shuff said...

what might bug me most is the fact of the Silverfish not having any eyes.