Friday, September 16, 2005

My dads better than your dad

Let me tell you how excited I am (briefly). I was exhausted already so this much excitment just is over the top and I might crash on the way down to CT tonight. Geeze. I worked this morning which was exciting in and of itself but my Daddy who happens to be the COOLEST dad in the entire world and no one has a dad cooler except for the siblings of mine calls me at work. HE GOT ME TICKETS TO THE STEELERS PATS GAME. Like the game that i had been dying to see since i looked up the schedule at the end of the season last year. the game that i fantasized and dreamed about yeah that game. Oh my gosh. I was freaking seachless and jumping up and down. 104 had to take a call or 2 for me because i was incompetend with giddiness. This means that I have an excuse and perfectly valid reason to go home for a weekend. I get to see my parents who I miss oddly enough. I get to meet the muse of epic poetry who now resides at my house. I get to go to jeffy's party thing and last but not least there is that GAME feature added in. Then I went up and talked with Cami and got unconditionally loved all over by her 2 children which made me feel all warm and fuzzy even though children intimidate me while she made me breakfast and we talked about life and so maany good things. Then I got lost in Nyland in the other Jn's room and was talking to her for ages aout how good life was and I was late for chapel so i just didnt go and jn said it was ok. It is her b-day tomorrow and I gave her her cookies and there was much rejoicing. And I got to finish grading which I needed to do. And we wasted most of phys talking about Story's trip to France and looking at dead fish pictures but thats ok because I am braindead and stupid tired. In moments I will wander to my last class before the weekend and TB will will document how many times I look at the clock per minute. Then I will be on my way to CT for the seeing of EW and ARox and the pirate party. And maybe some sleep. That would also be nice. Basically I just wanted to share with you all that my dad is the best and yall should be jealous because he is my dad and not yours- for so many reasons other than tickets.

Not a Pirate Wench out

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Ramblin' Ed said...

Not a pirate wench, aye.

Oh yeah, arrrgggghhh.