Sunday, July 09, 2006

Things I know today:

Sitting still too long makes body parts go numb, muscles atrophy, and limbs to turn green and come off. Staying in the same geo too long makes the soul go numb and the mind atrophy. (As these are concepts not objects they cannot turn green and fall off in anything other than a metaphorical sense. I suggest you don’t try to picture this.) If you have not left your county in a while you might ask yourself if there is anything still circulating.

There is nothing wrong with being homeless even though everyone seems so worried about it.

I have trouble ending letters because there is always more to say. Eventually they get big enough to need extra postage. If you haven’t gotten a something, wait a year or so.

The hardest time is between 0330 and 0500. This marks the halfway point of a shift, the end of the night, and the pre-waking hours for most of the normal populace. Even with friends it seems the loneliest part of the night.

A lance is something like a spear used through people or fish. It is also the action of throughing. A lancet is a small dissecting style knife and a common surgical instrument. A lancelet is not quite a fish proper and smaller than a lancet. A Lancelot is a sir and a legend. You could lance a Lancelot with a lance or a lancet but only lance a lancelet with a lancet if you caught it. Got it?

People have devised all sorts of ways to trade goods and services via la red without the involvement of a standard form of currency. Couch space and paperbacks are special enough to get their own worshiping communities.

Smart ducks cross the road before rush hour and on weekends. Smarter ducks nest where there are not roads to be crossed. (A Roger and the Receptionist update. I didn’t catch them early enough to get a head count but the receptionist definitely led a large troop o ducklings across the road this morning and I watched via camera) It leads me to wondering. I always see larger duck families in the suburbs. Are these infant patos the neoduckyuppies of tomorrow? Will they have larger families because they possess the resources necessary and leave their unlucky cityduck brethren to grow malnourished on carbohydrate handouts in shelters as their souls waste in the squalor of city sewage? Will both classes discuss the nobleducksavages with irrational, romanticized, and idealist language while the frontier few perish in the maw of fox and falcon? Who will cry out against their class, race, and variety differences? Should not all ducks be united as one fowl and interspecific competition rooted out through a majority ratified socialistic constitution? Alas they have chosen evolution over politics and concern for the greater good. May Darwin and the Good Lord help them.

Talks about communes always create conversations dealing with much smaller issues like peace, poverty, currency, language, isolation, homogenization, parenting, educational systems, politics, altruism, and communes. This makes it hard to stay focused on the Commune Manifesto and Purpose Proposal. Honestly, what should be a 10 minute discussion and name signing session becomes a several hour ordeal. Then you realize you forgot your membership roster notebook by your bed and you find enough new converts on the way to your room that you have to redraft twice more. It makes sense that each member be required to know at least two languages but do they both really need to be mandated by the community. I feel that as long as there is a translation link between two members we will be fine and it will unduly tax current members and limit prospectives who don’t know Portuguese. Silly Gordon students making things more complicated all the time. This also makes it hard to go to sleep.

Sometimes you worry a lot about people but are unable to convey this, or to help, or to really function in any other way than conversation, sometimes not even that, and it’s confusing and frustrating.

I try hard not to give up on people and I will fight for people but I will not fight over people.

One should not ever take a piss, it should always be left. Also Pissing contests rarely have any lasting effects accept division as everyone’s piss will always manage to be better than anyone else’s by some standard measure, and no one will ever really care enough about anyone else’s piss to examine the evidence. As especially yellow as yours might be, alchemists never turn it in to gold and as mentioned before, even the most valuable piss should in fact be left.

It is silly to take pictures of skyscapes. Even the best camera will translate a panoramic dome into two dimensional space. This neuters the enormity of the heavens and kills outright all other senses. You can be awed by 5x7’s but this is still a 2 dimentional awe and not worth more than a cup of rice on the awe commodity market. And while you take pictures to wow your friends and share a bit of the joy, their two dimensional wow, however genuinely expressed and felt, will cheapen your remembered wow and the shared joy will be reduced, not enhanced. You will resent your companions or your portable skies or you will be deceived.

Spiders frequent the cameras and a veces it is possible to have all 10 cameras showing at least one arachnid. You do have to be speedy about it because eventually the cameras revert to preset. It is rarely worth it but occasionally attempted. It is also less than rare to have some other exoskeletoned beast appear betwixt the lens and the outside world. A nest of Vespula is something of a novelty.

El Fin


katie said...

so 8 hour shifts are noticeably longer I guess, proved by this exceptionally long and random post.

i liked it though :-)

Ramblin' Ed said...

Loved it. Ramble on, ramble on....