Thursday, April 19, 2007

Themes for the evening

Episodes from the evening that are asking for words but I am waning poetic.

There was almost no sun left and there was still a chunk of rainbow.

I took a walk with a pair of cats tonight. Grey cats. The only colors left in the sky were chasing the sun. Dirty orange and and purple fuzz. If you have ever walked with cats you haven't. Unlike dogs they don't actually check back in on you occasionally. They will chase after you when you get too far away but they maintain at least a 5 meter radius away from you at all times. By the time I was walking home it was nearly dark and I had to phantoms following me. Liquid shadows.

The wee cat wouldn't walk with us. He hunched himself down in the center of the driveway. When we came back he perked up and sauntered over to us. He really wants to be a dog. He tries.

A neighbor was burning something this evening. The air smelled something like the taste that lingers after cheap rum.

Quote: "I could hear the speechlessness" - Aunt Nora Lee

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Ramblin' Ed said...

I liked the imagery. But you pre-supposed that, I am sure.

I too have walked wooded paths with cats. Seven feet off to either side, stalking me through the brush. Predatory skills never more pronounced than after we return to home and break out the can opener.

On these walks, additionally, dogs ahead but, as you say, checking back frequently and chickens (yes, chickens who thought they were dogs)walking behind. It was really quite the woodland parade. I wore flannel shirts and a gray fedora.