Monday, February 02, 2009

Where's the cream filling?

The state of the Twinkies.
(One Twinkie a year for 10 years. However one of my Twinkies was stolen about 2 years ago so there should be 5 under that box.)
The Twinkie of the day above the sell by date that mysteriously lacks a year.
What I am theoretically still eating.
The guarantee that it will be good.
Twinkie number 6: Looks normal, feels like a cracker, crumbles like a cracker.
Like last year the cream filling has been absorbed into the cake. The outside is again crunchy but unlike last year the two ends are also pretty crunchy until you get about 2 bites in. The center right around where the filling would have been is still chewy and not as sacchariny. Actually it tastes a lot less like anything. Some residual nasty absorbed cream taste but everything else is pretty subtle.
Last bite. Crunchy.
And the clock resets.
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Conclusion: Better than last year.


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Ramblin' Ed said...

Wow. I don't know if I could do that. Eat a crunchy twinkie, that is,

As for pyrophosphate... well, it just sounds kind of flammable to me. No, I'll stick to my good ol' livermush. At least I know what that is made of (if not exactly what PARTS of it).