Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soon and very soon

Tonight a dear friend came over and helped me make groundhog cookies. That means it is time...

Tomorrow a few carloads of people who I love will drive with me to my dad's house where we will get not quite enough sleep and head to a town that is impossible to spell to see about a groundhog.

I am going to be joined by my original partner in crime and the professor who unknowingly put us up to this a very long time ago.

We started this in 2004. I remember thinking before and after I ate the fresh (although not tasty) yellow cake that there was no way we would actually see this through to the end. Hoping, desperately hoping that we would make it through 3 years which would take us to the end of school. My thoughts were not about what might happen to the Twinkie but on how long 10 years really was. At that point 10 years was roughly half of my life so of course the number seemed enormous. And more wonderful and awful things than I can count happened in those 10 years. But everywhere I went I carried a little box of Twinkies with me and at least once a year Jn and I caught up. And everyone who met us eventually heard this story...some people knew the story way before they met us actually. If I recall correctly, Jn tended to be swamped with people wanting to watch her eat the thing whereas most of the people I knew commanded me to eat it somewhere else. We locked ourselves in closets for different reasons :)

And in a few days Jn and I are really going to do this. We are really going to complete what we set out to complete a decade ago. This does not seem real.


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