Saturday, October 12, 2013


My dear friends,

It has become obvious by the sheer quantity of game I have seen in the woods over the past 3 days that one if not several of you are sending prayers or broadcasting well-wishes about me seeing animals in my general direction. Allow me to enumerate: 4 white tail doe- two before shooting light and two after dark while on my wheeler, a mule deer doe and yearling and a 3 point mulie buck, 3 moose - cow, calf and little bull, 3 mulie spike bucks, oh and the herd of 5 elk that crossed the trail in front of me AFTER DARK.

This is pretty amazing as far as wildlife watching goes. All of these animals have passed within 100 yards of me, most within 50. Incredible. But none of them shootable. And I am starting to get a little worried because I have seen every permutation of animals I cannot shoot except for a grizzly bear. So allow me to make a bold request. Could you please be a little more specific?

I need animals that are legal (I have a tag and the season is open), shootable (I have my gun, it is daytime and the animal is within range), and safe (no animals will harm me and I will not harm any non-target animals or humans). If you want to throw in edible even better but not necessary. If you want to be REALLY specific: whitetail buck, bull elk, and boar black bear are edible, open season, and I have tags for them. I also have tags for mountain lion and wolf but those are not edible. They are also dangerous so if you deign to send one of those my way please also include SAFE and DAYLIGHT in the same breath. Also SAFE. And ixnay on the izzliegrays.


In other news, dad and I have both seen a few jackalopes but never when we had the .22 handy. (This same rule applies to chickens and rabbits as well...sigh) Dad swears up-down-and-sideways that he found unicorn tracks this morning and I have every reason to believe him...although pegasus is also possible given the location of the tracks. It sure as heck cannot be a horse where he was hiking/hunting. And I saw sasquatch tonight. This tally also makes me nervous because I'm not keen on seeing either a chupacabra or a wendigo in my lifetime but we are running out of (reasonably) safe crypto-biological specimens that are native to the northern Idaho wilderness.


Up early tomorrow. Did I mention I saw a herd of elk tonight?


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