Thursday, May 19, 2005

A begining I suppose

To those who smile smuggly at the fact that I have conceded, let me reassure you that this is not for your benefit and you will probably not find what you are seeking here. This is instead more me emulating a rather unknown, unglorified hero of mine. Good luck seeking this source. With that the begining begins in earnest with a snippet of the past. . .
Shadows seep in the darkness
Of the quietly creeping night
A breeze bodes ill will and ill tempers
Those primed for contest in coming storm
Some step boldly but most sulk slowly by
In want of ale or a bite of brown bread only
Spies and strangers all
Come close to fire and candle now

In the morning ember emotions will fade
Desires dying down as torments and tempests subside
But for now shadows slip through
Languid and liquid they flow filling
In and around dark hearts
Burdened and barbaric in this night alone

(Jn- 3/29/05)


SK said...

He would approve!!

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

I knew you would find it - Jn