Sunday, May 29, 2005


I have no idea why I feel compelled to share this but yah get it anyways. I did not sleep very well last night at all. I had some interesting dreams and I know this because I woke up several times. I don't remember most of them but yah know that creepy feeling yah get when you wake up from a bad dream whether you remember it or not, yeah it chased me all day. So anyways the dream I woke up to, the pieces I remember anyways. See it featured most of you. Chances are good if you read this you were in it but most of the begining got real fuzzy so i cant remember specifics for most people. The end is pretty much all I can remember. See we were at my school but it was before they put in the new music room. I was talking to Ben about random stuff and we walked up to where the music room is now. It was still all open but no one was around and there were still lockers and tables and yeah still couches (those didnt last long cause my class couldnt be trusted with anything) anyways his sister was in a production of some sort like a dance recital or some kinda music and i really wanted to go. It was gonna happen for 3 nights but I was only gonna be able to the one that day and Ben was too. When there was a lull in the conversation i asked him when it was and he said oh she was on stage 8 minutes ago (he was that specific) and i asked him why he didnt say something and he said because we were talking. I was pissed and I wanted to hit him but instead I got up and headed in the direction of the hall and went through the door.

At this point I was in a death maze. (For those of you who dont know 1. in PCS we were obsessed with death mazes because they are in fact the only reason you will ever need calculus and 2. even before this my dreams have always been filled with death mazes and dinosaurs though thankfully rarely together) This did not shock me because I have been in several before and apparently I had been in this one before too. The only difference was this time I was with Katie and Lindsey. By the way this is a huge death maze, big enough that some people have stopped trying to get out and just live there. Apparently if you dont actually try to get out the danger level drops. We went through a crazy swamp straight into some frozen hilly terrain and I almost fell down the blue ice hole cause i didnt see it but i slipped and knocked the other two down so instead of going the high road we had to go the low road. I guess this is what I did before too cause everything was familiar. Now see there was a door marked shortcut and this is what I did before so i suggested we do it because hey its a shortcut and I have some sort of idea how i got through it before. So it is this big smooth concrete room with concrete doors and an electrical pannel in the inside at the bottom of this huge ramp. Now when the room realizes that there are people in it the doors go shut and the ceiling starts to come down. For some reason it hits the bottom of the ramp first where the electric is that you have to decode to get the walls to stop and the door open. Oh and just to keep things interesting it will also fill with water if you do the 'right' thing. so katie runs down to the pannel right away and starts messing with things and the roof starts to come down. Linds gets trapped outside in a bathroom. and i am in the middle confused as to whether i should help linds or katie when a side wall opens up. At this point katie is about to become pizza but i realize that we can meet back up through the doors but katie is too fixated with the wires and linds is freaking out because she is stuck in the bathroom. Not trapped just inconvienently stuck but freaking out cause she doesnt know what is going on and shes afraid shes gonna die too. So i am trying to calm her down while trying to get katie out and i remember something. If you flush the toilet- the water comes rushing in. Damn. So i yell at lindsey, "Whatever you do DO NOT flush the toilet and we will be fine" and run to go get katie. She didnt hear me. I was half way to katie when i heard the flush and the onrush of water.

At this point I woke up or rather my dad woke me up by pulling the covers off of my head because he was afraid i was gonna suffocate. I fell back to sleep but didnt finish the dream. I dreamed something else weird. I dont remember it. I think thats ok.

Other funnier news:

Quote from my dad on the way out: Wow those apples come back
Quote from my dad on the way back: One thing you can say about that little bastard, ol' george sure got around (in reference to George Washington and all the Washington trail signs all over God's good creation on this coast)

Thats all from this one for tonight. . .

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Ramblin' Ed said...

Well, that dream left me out of breath. Bet you burned a few calories yourself. I had never even heard of a death maze before, but you do seem to have some killer good knowledge about their lay out and what makes them tick. You had that whole Laura Croft thing going on. Hey, why don't you...never mind.

Also, I just couldn't believe the wench flushed the toilet. And after you told her not to, no less. Well, some peoples kids. Am I right?

I dreamed a more mundane dream. I was finally home in Florida and happy to be working out in my yard. But you know how dreams mix 'n match stuff (like it's me but I have muscles), and in the dream it seems normal? So in this dream my yard in Florida was really my Mamaw's yard from NC with all the cool mountian plants and flowers and ferns. I like ferns a lot. Yep, your dreams kinda slow down as you get older.

When I get over this here bout of lazy I'll link to you from my site. I have the technology. More or less. Too bad you don't have Appalachian in your title. I kinda had a thing going there for a while.

Be good.
Travelin' Ed