Thursday, June 02, 2005

Catfish and Coal Dust

So I havent posted in a while which means that I have a lot to say but I am probly too bored to say half of it. Here goes anyways.

We were watching TV a few nights ago (By We I mean my family and I and by watching I mean dad fell asleep on the couch with the TV on, I was on the computer, and mom was in the other room) and this program comes on. I have no clue what it is about or if it had a point but one of the little snippets was about Catfish Noodling. Apparently this is supposed to be a 'good ole boys' sport. That is what the TV tells me anyways. I am wondering if anyone has ever done this. You may win a prize of dubious value if you have. The way it works is this. You get your buddies (and probly some beer but they didint show that i am just assuming and hoping) and head out to a lake. If you have any supplies you might have gloves and maybe a stick. Yah jump in the water with all of your clothes on (I didnt understand that part but i guess its important) and yah swim around under the water until you find a hole. You then procede to stick your hand in the hole. If nothing bites you it is actually a bad thing. If a snake or a turtle bites you will thats not so great either. And I tell you what if it is a muskrat you might as well just write yourselvers off the planet because 'those little buggers are like chiuauas with teeth and they will chew you to pieces' But if it happens to be a Catfish well you are in luck. Yah grab it by something internal but not the gills casue they are sharp as razor blades and then you haul the floppy slimy very unhappy fish back to the boat. They were catching like 27 pounders. Damn. Some of them fish could fit your head in their head. Not good. Apparently it is illegal in many states because it is dangerous. It doesnt strike me as a very effective or effecient way to fish either. But well now I am wondering, how on earth did someone figure out "Hey if i stick my hand in this hole I can catch a catfish" You know it had to be an accident and you know it scared the shit out of the guy but he acted all macho anyways and hauled the fish back to shore because he 'knew' he probly got glowing praise from his buddies too but he still had to clean it himself. I donno just a hunch.

In other news we have started painting the outside of the office. (We being me and SK and sometimes Jen and whoever else comes to fix our broken equpiment or helps us find things. and by painting I mean we have nailed in some loose boards, found missing boards, bought supplies, cursed the pressure washer, taped some windows and decided to rent a paint sprayer and this only took 2 days.) Anyways the pressure washer comes tomorrow and we might get some stuff primed. It is really starting to bother me because it is the type of job that you can't actually do the 'right way' anything we do will have some element of half assed to it even if we do our best. And see I have this idea in my head that if it is worth doing it is worth doing right but that translates directly into if it isnt worth doing right then you might as well not bother. Sept I can't do it right and I have no choice about doing it. . . so therefore I am unhappy. So I will build/fix/caulk/tape/scrape/paint anyways. But yeah, have you guys seen the new GE comercials for the ecomagination specifically the one with the coal miners. Well that is me now when I come home, dirt and all. . .Well ok maybe I am not quite that dirty but I'm close.

And at this point I have run out of interest with sitting and typing so I am gonna take my boredness elsewhere.


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