Sunday, June 05, 2005

Welcome to the Zoo

So I figured out pretty quick after I got home that there was gonna be a reptile expo round here and I was gonna be around so I made sure to get myself good and excited. As most of you (should) know I have been on a random animal search since I got back. No particular reason but it gave me something to do and something to look forward to. The Mother and I went to the show today. Apparently the Father had given her explicit instructions not to buy anything at all. I received no such warnings before we left so I was all set. The place was pretty sketchy in my opinion but it was a good time. Lots of vendors. Mostly snakes. I enjoy snakes but ending up with a 9 ft boa is not my idea of a good time.

There was a guy up from Kansas with mostly creepy crawlies. He had hissing cockroaches so I could show the Mother since she missed them at school some random scorpions and a crap load of tarantulas. Apparently the one I tried to bring back from Haiti was a Haitian Brown. Apparently they also get BIG. Maybe it is ok that he died but their babies are blue. Whats not to like about blue babies? He also had tail-less whip scorpions. I came very close to buying one of these little buggers (and no one would have enjoyed her but me).

I spent a good deal of time at the turtle table. He had snappers of all kinds and bite sized sliders. I am so much a fan on the prehistoric look of the snappers. When yah watch um hunt they are like dinosaurs pounding around the tank. The 'only' problem is they get big and mean and hard to handle, that and they live forever, and you have to feed them, and keep them away from chidren. But I really did like mine when I had him and I still miss him sometimes. I also appriciate the smooth lines on the sliders- its like the look of a fast car. Basically I wanted them all but they take a good deal of work. I still went back to the table 3 times.

I also almost got a bearded dragon. These guys are crazy cute. Pretty perky and personable as lizards go. Pretty easy to take care of and they get sorta fatish but not too long. They also don't live forever like the turtles. I also dont think they would have as much of a personality as some of the other critters we saw. I may still head that direction but not any time soon.

See we went to this other table and there was this random crap for crap vendor with some kinda sad looking critters in my opinion. He was the only one who had iguanas but man did he have a bunch. So mom being the smart one she is, sticks her arm into the cage and one crawls right up and basically claims her. I hate how cute baby iguanas are. So I remove the little guy and set him back in the tank. He looked very disapointed.

In the end I went round and round once more and decided on the iguanas. Iguanas meaning two. They are cheap so its like a bonus- two for half the price of anything else. Mom and I stuck our arms in and a coupla frisky gusy climbed up. I checked um all over and they both looked good and they were friendly so why not get two? I was hoping for a male-female pair but yah can't tell at all until they get big. I don't know that I actually want to breed iguanas but hey it would be nice to have the option right? We will see.

We found out later that mom won a door prize which included a real nice custom made tank. They are chillin in there now. Doing their best to look cute and happy. I will post pics soon I am sure- probly within the hour because I am that bored. Oh yeah and the little guys need names still. Let me know if you have suggestions.

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Ramblin' Ed said...

Donna Iguana. If you name them both that, you can just call them ""The Donnas".