Wednesday, June 29, 2005

once again a gringo

So we are stateside again, have been for at least 24 hours. I dont actually know. Yesterday was a long day. We might have been back 2 days but i think only one. Don't actually know. I dream in Spanish. I do a lot of things in Spanish. Including order breakfast in the states because the waitress gave us the wrong menus. I wont type here in spanish. Not tonight. I talk in my head faster than my fingers can type the unfamiliar words. Plus I can't spell worth a 5 centavo piece and spell check will just freak out on me. And I am tired. I would go to bed if I could remember how I intended to end this or really why I felt the need to write in the first place. I have pictures but I can't post them till I have a good connection again. I have words in organized interesting coherrant* fashion written in the magic book of words. I will share those when i get around to it. I turned my cell phone on today because i felt like i should do it because I was in the states and could use it but it was kind of a forced repatriation. I would have turned it back off but it took about 5 minutes for me to leave it in the house. So I am writing here. Wishing I was there. Damn for five more minutes in that ocean or a SalvoVida at the Gringo Bar. So expect mango trees and an old gringo and nastly little plants and big lizards and William Walker and poetry and whatever rambling musing probing thoughts come to mind before I patriate fully.

*It is something caguely like these three at any rate


Ramblin' Ed said...

For the 11 or more years I have lived and worked overseas I have had countless occasions to explain that no, I am not an expatriate (or ex-pat as we usually say), nor do I intend to become one when I retire from the service.

I tell you that to tell you this. I had never really thought about variations of the word. I guess 'cause if you're already overseas ex-pat is the word you hear.

As soon as I read re-patriate and patriate I understood their meaning. But I kinda looked at them and said, "Dang. I never realized that those were words."

I'm not normally a fan of learning a lot of new stuff. Too much danger of forgetting old stuff. But anyway, today, I did.

Welcome back. Where's my bass?

Travelin' Ed

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

No. I no catch Bass. But this feesh is nice yes? Beeg Feesh. You buy this fish? Or these in bag. Also very good. Very fresh. I catch.

Lo siento. Solemente necesito uno bass. Pero es posible que yo puedo tomar una foto del pez rojo?

Whatever story mom tells you is wrong and I will probly tell it again another way later. But there were no bass and a picture was taken anyway and a coke was bought to pay the 'negro feo' as he is was so called for his service of standing there with a huge fish. Picture will be forthcoming with the return to PA.

Ramblin' Ed said...

Gracias, senorita.

And unless you want me to call you a crazy chicken I'm pretty much out of Spanish.