Monday, June 20, 2005

Shark bait oo-ha-ha

Today we are being terribly efficient. At least it feels like we are. Judging from the fact that we are driving all over God's good creation and stopping at some places more than once I don't think thats true. We are busy though. Busy and efficient feel like the same thing. Sometime tonight (or maybe the wee hours of the morning depending on how efficient we really are) we are gonna start driving south. When we hit the water our car is either gonna turn into a plane or a boat (depending on who is driving- I prefer the submarine action, mom gets claustriphobic but she does like the standard jet-boat feature, Dad will choose the plane-he always does) Anyways we are gonna motivate our little selves over the water somehow and head to Honduras for a few days. For kicks and giggles and maybe something more important but all that matters to me at this moment is figuring out how I will be the driver when we fall off the Keys into the big blue wet thing and do I get to go snorkling? And if we make it back through the shark encrusted ocean* alive we may get the fine opportunity to swing hammers at a dock (and maybe some fish if we catch any). This is me excited. This is me pausing to be ineffient and unbusy to share. Cheers - Jn

* I know its infested right? But do you ever go to a restaurant and they have like something-encrusted salmon or ish-encrusted chicken? Does anyone really ever order that stuff? To me encrusted is not an appetizing word. Its like saying we are gonna stick a chicken in the ocean and wait for all the little barnacles and worms to attatch themselves to it then deep fry it and serve it up with a sweet honey sauce. No thanks. I will take my oysters on the halfshell and my chicken not crusted- unless of course it is a chicken-pot-pie. That is a different matter completely unrelated to the subject at hand and I'm not sure why you even brought it up.


Tycho said...

Jenn!! Just wanted you to know that I miss you and the whole Kerry family... Be safe and I'll catch yunz when you head back... ciao for now!

Ramblin' Ed said...

"Busy and efficient feel like the same thing." ...Well, ain't that the truth!

When I hear the word encrusted I think of nose related things. Again, you are correctamundo, nothing appetizing is ever encrusted.

Enjoy Honduras. Please, take my extreme jealousy along with you. And get a picture of a peacock bass. An unencrusted one prefferably.