Friday, June 10, 2005

A duel without the death

So over the past few days going round and round (If you havent figured this out yet you cannot just go round. If you go round once you ARE going to go round again) I connected some pretty interesting dots. I figured I would share so you can connect them too.

I have a cat. His name is Jazz and I have had him since I was like 3. Consequently he also has 3 legs. This allows him to mark his territory with easy, agility, and speed that most cats and only dream of. He worked out a system very early of how to work his way around the yard making only right turns so that everything got properly identified as his.

We have a garden. Unlike past years it has a fence. Not unlike past years everything comes in and eats our little plants. I'm not sure but I think part of it may stem from the fact that the fence doesnt go the whole way around the garden. Just a hunch. The fence doesnt really bother the baby rabbits anyway. Not much bothers them in fact. They can squeeze right through the holes in the fence and like to show off this trick while we are weeding right beside them. Mom can even throw rocks at them and they just kinda twitch their nose. Last time we were up there Jazz came by on his rounds. We addressed the problem of the rabbits to him and asked ever so politely if he would mind disposing of the baby bunnies. He didnt think the situation was so drastic that brute force was needed (and he is lazy) but he offered up another suggestion. He merely peed all over the fence where the rabbits were coming and going. We have no clue if this gesture will actually help in the fight to save our beans and corn but we are very greatful for his efforts on our behalf.

On one of the various routes to work there is a bridge covered in some pretty sad graffiti. If nothing else it serves to amuse me and I suppose it proves that they can spell 4-letter words. (Recently I saw a pair of the notorious "Brew Crew" in the grocery store. I was rather unimpressed.) It turns out that some people are so bothered by this ragtag band of renegades that they will actually dig up some spraypaint of their own and paint over the various "brew crew" insignias all over the bridge. Just so yuns know basically all it says is either Brew Crew or BC in large black print but apparently this is important enought to inscribe on every scribable surface of the bridge. I doubt covering over one or two brew crews did little more than spur them on to scribble more. If I cared enough to do some real ego damage I would just paint something worthwhile and more interesting. Not even paint over, just beside so that everyone could properly compare. I might even use color. Anyways It got me to thinking. Painting stuff with your name can pretty much be reduced to peeing on a fence. You mark it as yours, I will mark over it with mine and if we ever meet we might actually have to battle. Maybe if I take my cat down to the bridge he could. . .

I have been pretty busy lately. This is not a bad thing and I am not complaining. A lot of my friends are busy this summer too. I dont really know anyone without a job or something important to do. I also often times know just how busy they are and just what they are doing and just how long it takes and the limited amount of sleep and relax time they get in great detail. This does not surprise me. When at school it is not unlikely to have a converstation that goes along the lines of "I am so busy. I have a paper to write, two problem sets do by monday, and and exam to study for" "Oh yeah well I have two papers due on Friday that I havent started research for and the library doesnt have the books I need PLUS I have to work the next 3 days and somehow find time to study for and exam and a quiz." You get the idea. I do this sorta thing too. There is something satisfying when you place the emphasis on just the right words in a sentence to make you pile of work apparently double in size or importance. (Are yah seeing the picture with the dots yet?) The problem with verbally doubling your work load is that you also do it mentally and the problem really does get bigger. When yah detail out all you have to do generally it does seem to grow and you start to wonder just a bit whether you actually can make it through all you have to do. The problem with heading in to a contest like this is what happens if you really do meet. You will have to prove that you are as good as your mark and what happens if you cant.

In my experience, when you can't live up to your mark in college you drop a few classes, ask for a lot of grace, and end up with impressive amounts of free time. But I'm not so sure what happens when a bunch of highschool dropouts with cans of black spraypaint meet up under the bridge and Heaven help us when the bunnies corner my cat in the garden.

So like I said I am busy lately but I will spare you the boring details. If I don't you may not spare me yours and I dont really want to find out who wins.

This one is going to bed-Jn


The Red Queen said...

Most excellent observations my dear- you get to keep your head today and advance through to the next square.

Ramblin' Ed said...

Jn- I was laughing so hard. I really enjoy reading this. I think I will probably post the 3 legged cat part of the story on my blog. It's too funny not to share with others.

I see that you say "yuns". Oh, don't worry, I understood it. Would have even if I hadn't seen it within the post's context. Yuns...a word not unlike my y'all.But I do happen to know from personal experience(which is what happens when inexperience grows up and buys a road trip ready pickup truck)that way down south in Pittsburgh and Carnegie they say "yins". That's why I could never live in PA (again). Too many languages to learn.

OK, off to watch Sopranos.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this theory of sorts... Ya see, this year almost all the other juniors had recitals and were thus exempt from juries. Therefore, when I still had to do a jury, I was not as stressed because I wasn't getting it from everyone else. And the moral of the story is that complaining is bad and moreover, stupid. the end.