Monday, June 06, 2005

Beware of Grape with Wooden Mallet

I was at work by 8 this morning. We quit at 9. (That would not be 9 am.) I only mention this to explain the brevity of the post and to say we ate Chineese tonight because every other place was closed, we have no more food in the house and we were almost too tired to eat let along make food out of nothing. And I only mention that to share my fortune.

"Today it's up to you to created the peacefulness you long for."

Which amused me, but tense aside I pretty much managed to do that all day. There is something very rewarding about painting because you can see your work progress and yah know how good a job you are doing. . . at least if you actually know how to paint. And you can spend a lot of time thinking which I do anyways but it doesnt interupt you when you are painting so much as when you are measuring stuff and doing figures in your head. Though I have discovered that sawing boards with the hand saw is pretty mellow too so long as you dont go assovertincups onto the cement and the saw from leaning over the horse too far. But I digress. . .

I mentioned the fortune to refer you to this site which my fortune reminded me of and well after working 13 hours everything is funny but I seem to remember finding this to be pretty special some other time also. Of course that may have been on a DPS shift or during finals but hey if you dont like it now then just stay up for 48 hours and read it again. Maybe things will change.

Break a fortune cookie. -Jn


Anonymous said...

It's possible that you found that site on a DPS shift, but it definitely wasn't during finals... it was for Valentine's day. Remember all those lovely fortunes you sent out to us?

Good times, yo. :) ~Lz

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

Good call- Jn