Saturday, November 05, 2005

An essence of goodness

So the way my life works lately when I come home it is exciting if I can say well at least it wasnt a bad day. (By the way the day is more or less considered over when I pull in the drive way even if it is like 1pm. Yeah, bad things and stress happen here but it is mostly safe from the things that beat me up.) If nothing else it just means that right now I dont take goodness for granted. Anything positive needs to be grasped and magnified if at all possible because the plusses are few and far between.

Friday I did not get all of my homework done before it was due because I confused my schedule but I did make it to all of my classes. I got to play in the shop for a good long time and build which is great because 1. it requires thinking but I can still do it well right now 2. my prof tursts me enough with everything to give me basic instruction and say go then she goes nuts over whatever I make because I have a high quality control in my work and she doesnt have to rebuild everythign I do 3. I get to play with power tools. I played with the (now) indoor kite eating tree for a while, climbed into the heights of the black box, and built a happy little table to go with my happy little benches. Oh yeah and I painted turkey butts brown too. Then I got a space of time all to myself in the house to unwind before friends came over. SW!, E and I just sat around and had a drink and talked for ages. It is so nice to know that Gordon kids to not have to get plastered any time there is alcohol around (seems like most do) and also that I have good, thinking friends.

Today it was nice enough to open windows. Kt came over in the afternoon to do homework and homework actually got done. We went into Ispinach to get dinner and walked around for a bit. We got duck (which amuses me to no end) at the Thia place and hit up Zumi's (aka the best coffee shop ever). I decided I love Ispinach and I need to play in town more and maybe live here forever. Sept I also need to live in Peru for forever so I have to negociate how to make that work. I am working on it. Basically it has been a wicked chill weekend with a disproportionate amount of goodness compared to the last few weeks and I am still getting things done. Tomorrow is the All Saints Day service at church and SW! is getting poured on for which I am excited and if I can swing it I will go to the All Souls service tomorrow night before I go to work. Here's hoping.

Maybe the creative juices are flowing tonight with the duck digestive juices. Hmmm...


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The Red Queen said...

I want Ahab's revenge-mhmmm. mild hallicinations with out that bad mushroom experience. Im glad it has been a good weekend so far. Enjoy this day and be blessed in it- Love ya