Monday, November 14, 2005

A milestone of sorts

I am currently munching on TLC. That would be Tasty Little Crackers made by Kashi. This means they are crunchy in more ways than one and on the whole they are an ok breakfast. And yes they really are called TLC- It says so on the box.

It is only 730 and I have already had an exciting morning. Actually before 4 am it was an exciting morning. See I was crusing down Miles River road NOT late for work thinking to myself Jenn you are driving way to fast for this curvy crazy road and someday you are gonna die on it. Right about when I decide to slow down a car passes me. I think to myself sh*t that is gonna be a cop. So I make a full and complete stop at the stop sign and procede on then next street at the posted speed. I wasnt wrong. He turned around and caught up to me (cause at this point I was barely moving) blue lights a blazing. Good Jenn good. And this is in Hamilton too which is worse because 104 will know and I wont hear the end of it. For a fleeting instant I thought just maybe it was 104 but it definately wasn't. He runs the plate runs the liscence and inquires as to what on earth I am doing out so late and where I live if not at the college then sends me on my way by saying "just slow down a little ok?" So I scoot myself to campus and pass the Wenham cop on Rubbly going less than the limit and I'm thinking look he is gonna get me too. Gah. But he wasnt interested in a slow car and I got myself safely tucked in to campus and in to RRC where they were awaiting my arrival. Come to find out that someone up there likes me a lot (and he has a Nextel). See it pays to work for DPS. It also pays to not put your foot on the gas peddle to hop over the town line (which just might have crossed my mind for a fleeting instant) because the Wenham Cop will be waiting right there for you. It also might pay to drive the speed limit. Me and Catsby will have a talk about that later today. For now she is just pouting in the Chapel Lot. Then (I swear just for kicks) they run my car again and I hear it over the scanner at work. Now thats not fair hearing about yourself over the scanner like that when you are working and not even doing anything wrong anymore.

I am ok with this for 2 reasons (3 if you count that nothing happened). 1 I am now much more likely to drive slower especially on Miles River where I swear I am going to hit a patch of ice on that curve (you know the one) careen off into the trees and die this winter. 2 apparently there are some sketchy kids from Lynn (Lynn, Lynn the city of sin) running around the north shore breaking in to cars and stealing stuff then snagging a 'free' ride home. So him stopping me was part for speed and part to make sure it was my car. As I said before I am ok with that.

Now begins my monday as my relief is just about ot walk in the door - Jn


Dan said...

sounds like the start to a good week jn. Hearing yourself on the scanner would be quite hilarious I think. Enjoy your day.

4 said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk. You're lucky I just happened to have a night off and was sleeping!! Had it been 24 hrs earlier, yea you would have seen me, on the second half of a double no less. Scary sight. As for that soon to be patch of ice...yeah, I know exactly where you mean. In fact, I had to call a wrecker for some GCTS wife who went off the road and into a couple of trees in that very same location last year during one of the first storms. Happy Tuesday, the weekend is getting closer every minute!!


Sara said...

I love TLCs!! My friend introduced me to them last year, how good of her.

Sounds like you had quite the adventure, and yes, you are very lucky that 4 happens to work for Hamilton! Despite what some students may think, working for DPS has its advantages.

By the way, 4, if you're reading this, I miss you and hope all is well with you and the mrs and junior.

And Jn, is the squirrel still running his errands back and forth across the entrance?

Ramblin' Ed said...

Hey...what ever became of the great greasy head, aka, the shampoo experiment??