Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Elephant in the rain (11/07/05- Ipswich)

The saddest dream
You've ever seen
An elephant in the rain
He circles again
And the slickered children
Wait their turn
And reach out as he goes by
This great gray beast
Reduced to chasing hay
Does he make you wonder
Does he make you cry
Can you touch the empty
When he passes by



The Red Queen said...

The elephants just came to Pittsburgh. Marched them right up the majore throughfares of downtown from the train station to the Civic Arena at 8 am. Makes sense huh- on the busiest roads posssible at the rush hour when there are no kids slickered or not to watch and cheer them on.

I really like this and love the line about the slickered kids and touching the empty. Good poetry!

Ramblin' Ed said...

"Can you touch the empty
When he passes by"

Hmmm... As I see it, this line fits a lot of different situations.