Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A week in my house

Su blog se ha publicado satisfactoriamente.
Your blog was published satisfactorily

This is 5Ls computer and it says things in spanish. It says perty much everything in spanish except for some random programs.
The computer I am typing at belongs to my housemate. She is a spanish major so she likes to keep things interesting and make everything in spanish except for those few programs that don't do spanish. However all things google are in spanish and therefor blogger is too.

Speaking of 5L she is NOT the pleasant mother pheasant plucker. She is not the pleasant mother pheasant pluckers son. And she will Not pluck the pleasant mother pheasants until the pleasant mother pheasant pluckings done.
5L does not actually belong to any tongue twisters though we say them a lot.

Speaking of pheasants there is a rodent living in our floor. To read about the aforementioned Sancho Panza you should follows the pleasant mother pheasants down the rabbit hole. There is even a picture of some astronaught con headlamp and cobwebs.
We were speaking of pheasants but pheasants have nothing to do with rodents. Pheasants are birds. 5L may be confused with a rodent from a popular childrens movie. That is ok. On an unrelated note we have some type of rodent living in our floor. His name is Sancho Panza. The other night we made a voyage into the depths of the basement to try to located him. We located him but still could not make visual contact so we dont know what type of rodent it is. Pictures were taken and 5L has a more extensive version of this story in her live journal which happens be to located under not the plesant mother phesant. This includes a picture.

Don't leave canned peas on the front porch
There are 2 half cans of dehydrate/rehydrated canned peas on our fronts porch. They have been there for several days. My fault.



Dan said...

its either really random or completely over my head-i'm ok with either way

Ramblin' Ed said...

Yes. A real "Huh?" moment for me also. I did like the pleasant pheasant plucker part, regardless of not understanding it.

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

mira al traducion -Jn