Monday, December 26, 2005

But what does it do?

What it does is it goes like this…I fell asleep in the car which I have no recollection of therefore making these dreamed events more real. And when I fell asleep in the car with no recollection of it I also dreamed…

Apparently we were in a booth in a diner not entirely unlike Eppinger’s except much cleaner if comparisons must be made. I was trying to explain to Lz that she was being more than a little ridiculous, but she would have none of it. The others were on my side which made her more sulky than was to be expected of someone abruptly removed from a European choir tour for a perfectly reasonable reason.

The others (I think) included Kt and Shuffles and potentially 5L, but the periphery people matter less as all they happened to be doing was agreeing with me and being overly unconcerned about the fact that I had removed them from a European choir tour and thus Extreme Danger by a bit of travel back in time. I feel as though they should have been relieved about the saved from Extreme Danger bit and shocked by the time travel bit but they were neither of these, only amused. (I think this may be how people frequently feel when dealing with me. Good to have perspective.)

Did I mention that it should be strange that Shuffles was there needing to be saved as he is not in the choir. It wasn’t strange because this was a dream but it should be. He was also the least concerned member of the party when I mentioned time travel which wasn’t strange. I was sure he had done it before at least once or twice and I still don’t think otherwise though he has never told me directly in the dream or out of it.

I know I have mentioned that they were all agreeing with me that Lz was being ridiculous, but what I failed to mention was that while they were not wrong they had very confused reasoning…as did Lz for that matter. They all felt she was ridiculous because she would give up a perfectly good opportunity to travel through time on account of she was supposed to sing a solo that night. They should have felt she was ridiculous because she wanted to stay and sing her solo even when assured that Extreme Danger was there. (By the way, I diverted these particular choir members early enough that they were noticed to be truly missing and a replacement soloist was found before the show. She was, I assure you, not half as good as Lz would have been, but far less dangerous.)

Lz was actually ridiculous for two reasons. The second was that she was still put out about the argument that we would be having in the future, or rather the argument that we did have when I went forward (as my previous place in time had been earlier, earlier in fact than the diner but that is actually irrelevant) in time to retrieve the members and brought them backwards with me into safety and good food. But as the argument had not happened yet it was somewhat petty to still be so sullen about it. The first reason caused the argument in the first place (and for this reason, logically, it is the first reason). When I mentioned that to ferry them to safety I would have to move them backwards in time, she above the others came the closest to understanding what that would mean in terms of memories remembered and fun experienced. Her being the closest also made her the most wrong.

See, I knew about the Extreme Danger long before choir tour and failed to mention it. I waited for them to go off and have all sorts of fun and saved them at the last possible, probable moment before the Extreme Danger struck by shifting them backwards a few weeks and westward (or eastward in this case as that dimension works itself out either way) more than a few miles to a nice little diner where the hostess was not surprised when we appeared rather suddenly in a booth by the window. I waited to remove them from Extreme Danger to maximize the fun quotient. Lz was concerned that the foray backwards had killed the existence of these events though clearly the events had happened (and presumably were presently happening) because she could recall them in detail while she was informing me that I was rude for taking her memories away by negating the happenings of the things. She sort of missed the point on that one but no one else was paying attention. They were having too much fun with the Jukebox at the end of the booth and assuming Lz was mopey because she would not be singing that solo. I suppose they may have been partly right and that this was the underlying cause for her present (past) (future) distress, but I was tired enough that I wanted to deal in logic arguments and not emotional ones.

They were all more than a little ridiculous because they failed to grasp the importance of the fact that after our amazingly delicious, filling, wholesome and surprisingly cheap meal at my favorite stopping place during timespace travel, we would have to be off again with Extreme Danger at our heels. But as I failed to mention that little detail I suppose I can’t judge them too harshly.

I woke up when we got home…

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