Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This is your brain on finals

What do I have for you? A lot of dead air. I am scrounging for thought provoking things to write for you and i've got lots but before they reach a point the fizzle and die. Like a half bottle rocket. The fuse sounds cool and sparkles but it fizwerps out before the bang.

So let me tell you these things then starting with reading day:
Friday- I worked and wondered why they canceled schools all over the place. Then the skies opened up and I understood...and had to drive home. I wasted copious amounts of time instead of sleeping and when Kt called to go out I said let me just take a nap. When I woke up the skies opened up again and the was only white. Cancell trip cancel life. Somewhere in this time frame I became consumed by part 2 of my theatre project and went braindead to all other things for pretty much the duration until it was done. Saturday we somehow managed to get a group of people together and got almost lost several times in salem and ended up with drinks and some dinner like substances. Then it sort of all of the sudden became Sunday and we went to church and Berg came with us. It appears that Berg is a new addition to our crew as she has come out with us several times (including saturday) and I dont mind at all. She comes by way of 5L. Works for me. I made a good drive up to NH Sunday afternoon with 104 to the airport and got to listen to radio blather about football for a space in time and then I was consumed anew by the aforementioned project. This includes not pausing to eat or study or do other important things. That should be relatively up to date about life I think.

Monday brought working and projecting and ML making us dinner. He needs a better name than just ML so I will here after refer to him as AFM or the Amazing Food Maker because that is what he is. He is the one that made the pie for thanksgiving...yes that pie. And he bacially continued to make food until I went to bed. It made the home all housey or something like that. I was sort of in an I have been consumed by a project for 3 days and havent been eating and the world save like 2 people annoys me mood at this point in life so I utilized my new hardcore build a bookshelf and have a beer bottle opener (Thank you FriendAdam) and pretended I felt better. I didnt kill anyone though.

Tuesday I took stock of my life and realized Oh Shit I have finals in hours. And so I began the study process sometime around 8 when I got to work and finished (mentally) at around 11ish. I hit Oh-My-God-This-Is-Finals-I-Am-Dead mode around 1pm, and hour before my final. And the final consumed me. Processed me thoroughly. Then reconsumed me...its called coprophagy look it up. I finished the theatre project and let it stop ruining my life. And attended the Bio-major christmas party where I actually ate some food. We had a yankee-swap and 3 wonderful parties brought pretty much the same thing. Annies mac n Cheese with some sort of 'meat' in a can. The other 2 brought least mine was eatable. I was the proud owner of an ostrich egg for about 10 minutes and ultimately ended up with annies and goya spam...not even the real stuff. I came home to a psychotically immaculate house and almsot crapped my pants. I proceded to consume whatever grey sludge Eric had given me for because I do not eat anymore and locked myself in my room. (By the way the sludge was AMAZING.) Round 2 I finished my theatre project and let it stop ruining my life then i studied for Physics.

Somehow it became wednesday and I had heavy books on my body and then somehow (probably by the same strange powers) I was in BCA taking an exam that I had the mental power to pass with few unhappy red marks and handing it in way before the final period was over. I wandered myself to Emery to last minute cram for Physics. Round 3 I finished my Theatre project and let it stop ruining my life. When I got done trying to fit all of the information in the world on a note card I was at peak stress level and shaking. Then I was taking the test and being slowly devoured mentally such that at various times during the exam I would stop whatever I was doing and turn the page. This was less than helpful and I did not get done in a timely manner. When I was thoroughly chewed and spat back out free and clear from finals I ended up here and DPS and it appears that I am working. The normal mic died and CECS dialing 911 to try to call out of country and the chief is wicked perky...yes..perky. My semester will be over in about an hour when I determine the status of my incomplete in Physics, get a few papers signed, and Round 4 finish my theatre project so it can stop ruining my life.

Tonight features house dinner (which means I will eat) and perchance a visit with campus types and a drive round with 104 and some packing. It will NOT feature round 5. I am done. I swear to you. And sometime tomorrow I drive to CT which is the only thing that indicates to me that there is life outside of this mindless finals ush. It will feature Arox!, EWal, FriendAdam, et. al. and it has no choice but to be amazing.

You came here for deep thoughts. You end up with mental unth instead. I appologize. When I have sleep and maybe some food I will try again. -Jn


The Red Queen said...

fizwerp- I like that one
any idea when you might be gracing the homefront with your overzealous totally extended brainwaves?

Ramblin' Ed said...

Looked it up. Oh.

Now you look this up: YUCK!!

Virgil said...

This is off topic. I just stumbled across your blog. Are you my mother?