Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It is still raining

The Rains That Came (Mac 109, 5/16/06)

Sing me a song
Of the faded old fisherman
Down by the docks
He wades by the rocks
And he casts
And he casts
And he casts
Every day, everything the same
He walks these shores
And he used to pray
Until the day God spoke.
The rains came
His family, his home
All washed away…

And the daffodils grow this year
Yellow like life, green like new
He hears nothing but the gulls
No children laughing, no one to love
No colors but gray and white and the sea
Like his beard, and the gulls
And the rains that came


We went out in the field anyways...Oh and by the way we eat good and the house still leaks and we are about half moved in and I write you from class...oops...more later

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The Red Queen said...

Jenn, this is outstanding. I like the change ups on the rythmn and the image is so powerful. One of your best and that is saying lots.