Friday, May 26, 2006


So we had a camp out type dealy overnight yesterday. Mind you we were all up most of the night before we had been up working on lab reports and our prospectus presentation so loopy was a good adjective. We got crazy amounts of food for the all of us and drove all over Gods good creation trying to find the place because we were too lazy to stop the car and pop the trunk to get the directions. It's ok we had time to kill. We had crazy good food and like 10 lb of steak and I swear to you that it was done to perfection. I ate a LOT of steak. We didn't have utensils or proper plates either so it was mostly the gnaw on what is in your hand as you stand around the fire all primitive like with blood dripping down the elbows...well the kids that like their steaks bloody anyways. There was a pieiron too!!! (Dr. Story is my hero) We played some cribbage and tossed some frisbee/football and played in the fire and once it was good and dark we ran about 300 ft of extention chord from the bathouse and watched Life Aquatic in surround sound with jiffy pop popcorn. Did I mention we were staying in this strange place where they used to keep depth charges. Surreal is another good adjective.

Things you may here around a campfire dominated by chemists and biolgy majors:
Too bad we couldn't bring any -OH groups
Can I throw the adipose tissue in the fire
Sometimes it is ok to eat high on the food chain
It's ok its just a little extra carbon
Ah yes the Beeris canus... would that make guiness the sub speices?
Look at all the parasites in that juicy steak

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The Red Queen said...

I can totally picture this whole thing. Glad you are having a good time.