Thursday, June 22, 2006

Peace Kept

I have an important job more or less. If there is an emergency I need to be prepared, alert, attentive, detail oriented, observant, clear-headed and all sorts of other words that you put on a resume. All of the important campus alarms travel through unknown wires and end up within an arms reach of my desk. However, sometimes important events bypass alarm channels and sneak in through the scanner, hence the need to be prepared, alert and all those other things. May I also add that one should be paying FULL attention at all times. Yeah that one is tricky on less than 4 hours of sleep, with not all of the hours sequentially oriented.

If you are curious, overnights get lonesome and boring, so I have often wondered (at least once I’m sure) how to get a group of police officers together for a party and games. Tonight just seemed like a stellar night for some cacophonous and red-and-blue-lit fun. Apparently it was. In fact, it was so nice a night that 8 friendly, neighborhood departments came to play. They even brought a pretty (very happy) pooch. I would love to spill juicy details but come on; we all know that what happens at a party stays at the party. But just in case you were planning on hosting an event of this magnitude here is what you need in your own back yard, some stolen things, some vandalized things, some drunken things, some run over things and pretty flashing lights. Also mad props to those who found the stolen car before it was ‘stolen’ cough104coughcough.

By the way the Earth Fault has been “disabled”. I am going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think disabling a fault is the same as fixing it. This might mean that the world is still over. I wouldn’t unpack yet. On the up side though, the world has finally stopped beeping..................-Jn

(Also, to the man who just called in and tried to make me feel incompetent, it didn’t work and you can go kick yourself in the face.)

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