Monday, August 22, 2005

It's Been

(Me and Kt, the roommate who isnt a roommate anymore but always will be, standing outside of Dextah, the house that used to be mine, on the first day I was back in MA before I was showered and presentable again because Kt loves me anyways.)

It is crazy to think how long I actually was gone, first from school and people I care about but havent seen for ages and this little bubble I call my home on the North Shore and just how much time I spent out of the states this summer. The weirdest thing is how the time changes effect you. Like I am running on peruvian time which isn't completely devoid of appointments but we were never on time for anything and it was always ok. And even though I am easily distracted it never caused too much of a problem because I always got around to doing what I needed to do eventually. I didnt have to keep so focused on stuff. Stuff happened when it happened. But yeah in 2 days I will have to check myself in to classes and be places on time. I dont know if I can do it.
And then the days are a fairly rigid 12 hours 6 to 6 in Peru but here it stays light until way later which means I dont slow down until way later so I am all kinds of screwed up. But I guess even if I dont reset myself the planet will do it for me cause days are getting shorter here and an alarming rate and soon there will be like 2 hours of sunlight if it isnt snowing. Then I will be a different variety of all screwed up . Sigh.

I tend to enjoy some of the priviledges and pleasures that come from living in the states but I honestly enjoy the south/central american attitude so much better. Arocks and I already have plans for running away to a monkey preserve next summer and maybe country hopping in the process. Graduation present? It is a good dream anyway. No one would send either of us because everyone knows we wouldnt come back. I never intended to come back from Peru in the first place and I'm still not entirely sure how I got here. I just have to keep telling myself, 2 semesters to go and then I can go anywhere. . . or everywhere. . . but at least Peru. There was a point to all of this but I lost it somewhere in the ramble so I guess find your own. But now I have to go about the business of getting ready for classes. I am not done with trip stories in my mind but I probly wont post much more except for the poems. Thats why I really have this blog anyways though so I dont feel too bad.- Jn

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