Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So the past 2 nights in a row I have had a good long chat with a friend. One friend was the well weathered type and the other is still new enough to have the fresh paint smell. Both of them are guys. I just like guys better. I know a million reasons why but I can't wrap them in words. I think thats ok.

On an unrelated note (whether you believe me or not that it is unrelated) we are talking about breasts and penis size in my sociology class. Its crazy funny to watch the class when he says 'sketchy' words. Then he points out people who squirm which makes it that much more interesting. And even better is the fact that the whole thing is being turned around to an animal and evolutionary perspective. That means some other people who are penis tolerant are still freaking out. Did he use the term evolve? Does that mean he is still a christian? And I am just sitting back and loving it. People are funny. I like to watch people. I really like to watch people squirm.

One more little class bit and I am done. In animal phy we are talking abotu blood and circulation and all of that good stuff. Our prof mentioned that he bought 2 frogs for the lab and they were tiny and cute and he thought we were probably going to have to dissect them to get the blood. Pretty much in one breath just like that only with the smile that says isnt that wicked cool. And some girls from around the way looked a little queasy. Mind you these are also the girls who turned green when I mentioned that saran wrapping a salamander is a bad idea. I understand that some people are really visual. I am too. But the key is to not get freaked out by things that wont actually ever happen. Or to just not freak out. A saran wrapped salamander, though it would be suffocating, would still look pretty cool. Somewhere I lost my point. Anyways I volunteered that I had frogs in the pool out back that were gonna die anyways. (Yes these are the frogs that I was feeding earlier this summer- I still am in fact) So I was commissioned to catch a few frogs and bring them in for show and tell. Meaning I will show them to Dr. Story and he will tell me which one we are gonna kill then show me how to kill it and tell me how to get the blood. The only problem is I got this killer headache playing with the lubricant in theatre cause its nasty stuff and I forgot to grab the necessary implements of destruction like a net and buckets. I remembered when I got home. Fortunately LL has a lot of buckets. I swapped into shorts and went wadding without waders into the mucky nastiness out back becasue i didnt really have another option. Did you know that frogs are fast? And that they swim really well? And that they can stay underwater for a long time? The only reason I ended up with frogs is because I am luck and there are (were) at least 13 frogs in a small space. But its pretty frustrating when they come to rest under the water and they are on your feet. I will get a picture of them tonight if I remember and maybe of them tomorrow only I think the squeamish might not enjoy that.

And now for stolen words. . . I have a poem kicking around in my head but it just wont come out. I have tried force and gentle persuasion but I havent switched to the rewards tactic. I might go that direction tonight we will see. Until then:

Well, it gets so hard to smile
when you're only twenty-one.
When you know that it's all over
though it seems you've just begun.
The laugh tracks cannot cover
those last tracks that you laid.
Not the life that you had asked for
but the life that you have made.

You can find the rest if you click on that happy little link to the right that says travelin ed. He apparently doesnt travel anymore but he rambles. A lot. Eventually I will get around to getting around to changing things on here. But it takes a while to go round especially when you know you will have to do it again.

Froglegs out-Jn


Ramblin' Ed said...

Almost every woman in my life; spiritual, physical, or friend, has proclaimed themselves to be "different" because they get along with guys better than other women. Well, duh! Everybody knows on the evoloutionary scale women have more in common with Betas (Siamese fighting fish) than with other women.

I've seen those words before. Long ago and definately very far away.

I don't really ramble that much. Some, but not too terribly much.

Good luck with your frog slicing.

Bb said...

i wonder if you read down on past days, i wonder if you get something somehow saying "yo, someone posted something for you" I am prone to wonder, prone to wonder if you would write about why you like guys better? i wonder...lots of things

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

I do infact get something that says "yo..." and I could in fact write why I like guys better but not here. Just to you. It would be better if it was to you in person but we will have to see about that. -Jn

Lab_FROG said...

Frog slicing? While these frogs are now of genius intellect like Frog, humans should not do harm frogs unless the benefits to the frog-kind outweigh the costs; as in what happened to Frog and his siblings on the International Space Station. Normal frogs now symbolize Frog to some extent, so avoid degrading them.