Sunday, August 21, 2005


On the bus from Cuzco to Pt Maltonado sometime around 8am. Posted by Picasa

The Bus to Cuzco
(7/31/05 the bus ride from Cuzco to Pt. Maltonado)

This too shall pass
This bus and the daze gone by
Night fades to drink to sick sunrise morning
I am on the bus to Cuzco
Where I can again leave you behind
Except in the dark corners of my tired mind
Where every love steeped touch
Is etched beyond erase
And those lonely nights in strangers arms
Serve only to remind
Of what you really took away


1 comment:

Ramblin' Ed said...

Man, that was good. See what a lot of time on your hands will lead to.

2 very great, very great and very great lines are:

Night fades to drink to sick sunrise morning


Where every love steeped touch is etched beyond erase

The last line is pretty awesome, too. Keep this up and we'll all soon be bowing to "The Master".

Jn, I really think you should set this one aside in a book you set up for definate keepers. I think you're consistently writing enough of those to make it a good idea.

Your number two fan.