Thursday, February 09, 2006

And Goodness

So I went to talk to Cami today and now I all of the sudden have synthasized list of how awsome life has been this week. (ie since Thursday)

Thursday- Groundhogs Day, Cami, and out with Jn
Friday- Ski trip and goodness
Saturday- Ski trip and goodness, driving with Ben
Sunday- Healing service at church, Superbowl and goodness
Monday- Sleeping in, Late night goodness, getting kicked out of the Penthouse
Tuesday- Plant seminar and scattered goodness
Wednesday- Linear Algebra is a party, Goodness, and I actually got to see 5L
Thursday- Deciding to do MBI, Cami, and the rest is TBA for the day

Perhaps I should mention that goodness in all of these cases involves some group of High Quality people. I am surrounded by them these days and it doesnt bother me at all. There were also some scattered answers to prayer mixed in with no real date. I mean I could tell you when I prayed or when I found out the answer but that isnt necessarily when the answer happened or its still an ongoing thing. So let it be known that I had one...two...threefour...five answers to prayer....and goodness. Now home for dinner and beating on the GD dishwasher.

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