Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Hippie Update

I have been more or less dismal of late which is an unfair view of me actually. In reality I have been really up and down and not without some good reason. The stuff that happens is big stuff it just comes pretty rapid fire so I make the swings quick. Anways I decided to write one on the upswing so y'all didnt give up on me.

I have mentioned a happy hippie house more than once and I mentioned MBI in passing. While no one was looking I scrambled the two together with a sprinkling of HQ people for spice. Nothing is for sure yet but I am begging God to make this work.

MBI= Marine Biology Institute= Class required for my concentration that I got out of and am now taking anyways. It is a month long field class that basically means running around on salt marshes beaches and oceans (we gordon students can walk on water ya know) and looking at 'things' and studying 'stuff' and refering to Stuff nthings in 2 part latin names in italics in research papers and labs. Blend is heading it up and profs from chem and biology all get to play guest lecturer at least once. Jenn=Wicked stoked. We may also get some time at the lighthouse to camp and campfire and play the harmonica to the stars. I need to learn how to play the harmonica.

It also means that I am guaranteed a reason to stay up here where God smiles on me via Christ Church until July. Did I mention that Lent is coming up soon which leads directly to Easter which is the most amazing time in the world to be me-at-Christ-Church. (I think I am passing in my membership card tomorrow...wish me luck)

In circuitus and sundry ways the greater portion of HQ people who surround my life at present are also planning on taking MBI. (These people need names that aren't their names...Lu, Steph!, Tybo, and I think he actually goes by Jingle Jangles in some circles so we will stick with that only shortened to JJ for the sake of shortness.) There are also some others who are planning on taking the class but I think its random freshman and while I dont intend to ignore them, well the all of us have known each others for a decent chunk of time and we just sorta fit together in a unique and makes-Jn-smile way. That said, I proposed a happy hippie house at my present Ispinach location for the 5. To be fair not everyone is a hard core hippie BUT we all have tendencies in the hippie direction even if we don't share the full crunch factor and I never expected a collection of people just like me...its hard to have a good conversation when everyone agrees all the time. Anyways everyone liked the idea in theory and I got ridiculously excited way to early in this game. Its essential enough now to my present mental status and future gradution in fact that if the happy hippie house falls through so will my degree I think. Hence begging God. But today He delivered LL to my front door and got her excited when I asked for the lease to be extended till July 1. Things are looking stellar from my end of the world. We are just waiting now for the collective bunch of us to nail down plans for sure and sign on to the whole house idea in addition to getting the registar to accept the little pink and green forms in replicate.

I like my life and I love these people. Last night 4 of us hung out together at the rectory to watch movies and chill in happiness and tomorrow at least 4 of us and the one signifigant other of the bunch (I think we will call her Mo as she also needs a name) are attending Christ Church and eating lunch together at the rectory before scampering back to campus and death in the form of physics homework.

On a side note: All my life I have been facinated by the harmonica. It is ridiculously portable and not many people play it and everyone is sort of awed when you do. It goes well with guitars but really you can slip it in anywhere if you are so inclined. You can tell stories with the music and poetry just drips out in happy and sad tones. I have no musical talent or ability which makes this seem rather daunting but man do I need to learn how to play the harmonica.


The Red Queen said...

I will post a big hunt for harmonicas within the confines of this not quite so crunchy house and if found I will present them with very little pomp and circumstance when we meet in FL.

Ramblin' Ed said...

I always thought I should play harmonica. I was always road tripping. I spent weeks and weeks at sea. I could write lyrics and sorta hear tunes in my head, but playing guitar wasn't happening (I tried to learn 3 different times but had unbendy fingers. So I figured harmonicy was the way to go. Sadly, I never really did anything more than think about it.