Monday, February 20, 2006

Keep on rockin me baby

Somedays I bounce off walls. Somedays I bounce of emotions. Somedays I just go splatwumph into a corner. I woke up this morning at 0315 for work and said "It's Friday!" This is not a good sign but I am hoping the goodness of the weekend still keeps bubbling up and flowing over like it has been. Yah know when you get around a group of good people and its sorta like a wall around you or stakes around a tree to hold it up under the snow and keep snowplows from running into it. I think thats kinda like me. I am a wimpy excuse for a tree planted way too late in the season but some nice person took pity on my pathetic bendy-over form and planted some stakes in around me in a hopeful manner just in case I might survive. I am going with last week was the first big emotional deathandsnow storm and I am still kicking but sort of against my will. I was ready to yield to that smooth cutting blade of the snowplow and become a martyr on the altar of academia where blood and fire flow...but it didn't happen. Damn friends taking care of me when I don't want to be taken care of.

Sunday was one of them wall bouncing days for the most part. I worked in the wee hours and had a stellar chunk of conversations with 106 and then wandered to the rectory to chill and catch breakfast till church. JJ slept in but Tybo made it. We sung some pretty good hymns and I passed in my membership card and we sung a "God kicks ass" hymn at the end so you can't walk out of that building unhappy really. Plus I got to see 104 which ends the 2 week plus streak of no contact and waiting to talk about unpleasant little accidents. The soup was unique as was the bread but both were more than eatable little experiments and we rounded JJ up for lunch even though he's one of them "heathen" alarm-sleep-throughers. Still no Lu but we will make it work eventually because we like her a lot.

Compliments of Steph! you get a picture of us in the throws of despair working on Physics after lunch.

The pooch is all sad looking over the books we have scattered on the floor and I am in some serious mourning to the point of tearing my garments and beating my head against the least the floor part. The expression on Tybo's face is something akin to WTF though I don't imagine he would actually voice those words. It still amuses me thoroughly. JJ skipped out a little before this to go to work but our little pow-wow didn't last too much longer because brain dead ensued.

Me and Steph! wandered over to the Taize service after dinner too. It was pretty sweet with some of those painful dark silences mixed in with some simple but deep melodies of praise and request. It is like a month worth of sighs gathered up and expressed in a meaningful way. I would do it again. I like spending my whole day at the church. I should live in the rectory all the time. It won't be hard. Lent is coming quick and that means lots of seminars and prayer services and all those other good things that you do to get ready for good Friday then Easter.

Ah well shifts almost week begins.

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