Friday, February 03, 2006


What exactly am I quitting you ask?


Anything you have ever asked me to do, thought about asking me to do, not asked me to do, thought I might do, or dreamed I did.

I quit work. I quit college. I quit class. I quit homework. I quit Bio-Club. I quit dishes. I quit computer. I quit watch. I quit medication. I quit attention. I quit diligence excellence and competence. I quit food. I quit caffiene. I quit hydration. I quit rain. I quit mud. I quit science. I don't think I quit words but they definately quit me.

I do not quit Catsby (hunny it is not your fault), Convo (only because Dr. Boorse wants me there), the other Jn (because I told her yesterday I wouldn't), or FriendAdam.

I really need a nap. -Jn

An Addendum: I don't quit quite as much. I saw Jn at convo and got hugs cause I started crying when I told her about my stress level and duration and my bio-club canceled ski trip nightmare and the lack of sleep that ensued. She is going to help me pack for the ski trip after class now. Dr. Boorse used the word 'Protoslo' in Convo and talked about the beauty of dissection. I also stumbled head first into a thearum in Linear Algebra (which Dr. Senning put my name by and I felt all special) and he thanked my little corner crew for being brave enough to answer questions even though we are not math people at all.

That being said. . .I no longer don't quit convo only because of Dr. Boorse but I advocate it myself as well. I continue to not quit Jn. I also do not quit science. I do not quit Linear Algebra because it is like a ray of light in a cruel dark world and not like college, class or homework.

Contrary to appearances I still quit Bio Club and all of the other everything listed above. I also quit the snow fort, the bell, cell phones, pizza crust, AJ scholars, admissions staff, dead earthworms, chalk dust, un-tunable guitars, that one professor, umbrellas, wet cardboard and moldy juice.


katie said...

if you quit bio-tea/club, i can still come right?


katie said...

Oh also- there is no way you can quit the Stillers. If so, then I have lost all my faith in football (which isn't that much to lose anyway... ;-)

Anonymous said...

i think guitars sound better without the tuna anyways.