Sunday, February 26, 2006


Come to the mountain top
Rise above the smog
Be remined that
God is God
As high as you are I am higher
As big as you are I am bigger
As strong as you are I am stronger
I am God


It's been a while since I said no
So I'm not quite sure how this should go
I ain't got much that's worth a show
But I'm still better on my own.


Nothing ever never fails to complicate
Aren't you clever for coming in so late
To woo, seduce, and use
Mabye I can't choose
But what if I do
Not above fate
Not inviolate
But better than you


Someday I will name them

1 comment:

Ramblin' Ed said...

3rd one was real good. Liked that whole "Nothing ever never fails to complicate" line. Kinda like looking in a mirror for me. That was Ramblin' Ed style for sure.