Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The way things go

Somewhere in my genetic code there is this anti-quit gene. I don't like it right now but it seems to be doing its job. So I wandered to chapel and it was amazing and I wandered to linear Algebra and saved my mathmatical soul. And I survived the other bits and pieces of the day until the ski trip.

There was amazing food and a plethora of amazing people. We watched Cane Toads which rocks my world and we played games until there was no more consciousness. Then it was the next day and the same thing happened plus a fire and walks and other things. Everything went really well in fact and we did not run out of food at all. (We are still eating it in fact)

I came home and unpacked then ML! came over to make us food and his GF made us AMAZING muffins and I went driving with the Frog until I passed out (he was driving). And Sunday there was a healing service at church. We scoured the house and then the dishwasher peed all over the floor and a bunch of people came over to watch the superbowl. I am sure you already know that the Stillers won but you don't know that I sprayed salasa all over in celebration (not on purpose) or that I was fairly dangerous.

Monday I actually slept in and managed to get most of my work done and I was in the Penthouse til they came to kick me out at 2am with some quality people. I got pulled over on the way home for no good reason but no ticket so oh well.

Today again with the quality people pretty much all day and the special talk about rainforesty plants now has me all psyched up again. WE are going to move down there and be amazing. WE are also going to live in a happy hippie house this summer. WE is pretty much all of the people I have spent any time with in the past few days. WE might also be taking MBI. The jury is still out on that one. Also Lu finished my happy hippie helmet hat which is nice because I lost hat 2 of the year on the trip. This one is stripy black and some crunchy blue color. Its really thick wool and it could withstand a nuclear bomb I think. Its also really warm. Did I mention I love it. Then there was Darwin class and now I am in the penthouse again because I live here. I will wander home soon.

But can I just metion that I know some really amazing people and I have been hanging out with them a lot in the past well since Thursday. Most hail from the Bio and Chem realms but there are those outliers like the housemates and the collection that comes with them.

Also let me mention this. I have showed it to a handful of the HQ people and it seems to be a hit already...

The Clock Watcher

Ten minutes to freedom
The clock is ticking still
Enough of notes
And witty quotes
Enough of awake-by-sheer-will
All hail the great boredom
I lost an hour of my mind
In brainless stares
And glazed-over glares
But I paid well for my time


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