Thursday, March 02, 2006


I'm sure y'all expected it if you know me and were paying attention but well somehow got myself sick. ::Shrug:: I think I just might survive. I am working the wee hours tomorrow and then 4 is taking me to the airport. My g-pa is going to meet me at the luggage spinny to kick spring break off right. The coolest of the cool kids (3 of my happy hippies) are going to Florida too but they are going to ECHO which is what makes them cooler than the other cool kids. Had my parents not bought my time I would be with them sept I think I would have stolen JJs spot which would have been sad for him. I have been there once and I can share. They should come back with cool stories anyways. My forever roommate is coming down post choir tour which makes me very happy. It will be nice to be roommates again if only for a week or so. I am sad for my housemates cause they aren't doing anything. One had a choice to leave the other one just has a different set of breaks. Regardless they are gonna watch the Iggies and make sure the pipes don't freeze/we dont run out of oil like last time. Ok I am done pointlessly rambling. I mostly just wanted to mention that I am gone til March 13 and I don't care if you do miss me, I am gonna avoid technology for a while.
Peace, love and rock and roll - Jn

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